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Lately I’ve been increasing the amount of content that I write and put up on the internet as a blog article. During that timeframe I also had the opportunity to be introduced to a company that does proofreading and editing as a service to businesses (is it business’ or businesses?). Anyway, to illustrate my point, I have decided to write this months blog article without the outside assistance of a proofreader or someone here at the office looking over my shoulder. This may be interesting.

I tend to type how things are processed in my brain. I use points of ellipses (…) for pauses on a pretty regular basis much the chagrin of my wife. Earlier today, a co-worker asked me to proofread his blog article for this month and I was taken aback by his use… his complete abuse, rather, of the comma. Then I chuckled as I remembered the scolding I have received… several times in the past… for using those pesky points of ellipses.

Many times in conversation I have heard people speak of how language is “under attack” and that today’s youth won’t know how to put together a sentence unless it has an OMG*, a TTYL*, or an LOL* somewhere in the structure of their prose (I used the thesaurus in Word to come up with prose). I would counter that the current generation is no worse than those that have come before them. Whether it is a point of ellipses, a stray comma (or 20), or using parenthesis to paraphrase my sarcasm while typing a blog article, every generation has their little idiosyncrasies (had to use the spell check for that one) when it comes to putting words to paper. And a quick question… we debated for 10 minutes in the office whether it is two spaces or one space after a sentence. I could write an entire dissertation on that one but will digress, and for the record, I used three spaces prior to this sentence because I wanted to.

At this point you are probably wondering, “What’s the point of this blog article?” My objective is to show, through my own flaws contained herein, that nobody is an expert of everything. I feel as if I can hold a conversation at a moderate adult level and can put my thoughts on paper with little difficulty. I will admit that I was slightly amused when I first heard that a company wanted to proofread our content on our website for errors and have us pay them for that effort. What I later discovered is something that I learn a lot about the older I get… I don’t know near as much as I think I do and I’m not nearly as good as I thought I was.

Working with technology can be very similar for some companies. It’s just circuit boards and 1’s and 0’s… how difficult could it be? Just like writing, it seems very simple until someone comes along who has more experience than you have in the topic at hand and opens your eyes to just how much more there is to know. I’m happy to say that I no longer resist the offer from someone to proofread my articles, in fact, I openly ask for their feedback (except for this article… you are on your own to decipher this one). As for the company that wanted to provide us with the service of proofreading our copy… they are doing a wonderful job… and I’m sure they will spin on their heads when they read this article.

If you don’t know what it is you don’t know about technology in your office, let us take a look… it might surprise you what you learn. Furthermore, if you need help with proofreading and editing services for your company website, sales material, or other items that you are sending out to your clients, give Second Look a chance to give you some assistance. They did an excellent job helping us with some of our customer facing items and Rachel and Susan are some of the nicest gals you’ll do business with. Plus… they don’t laugh at you for overusing the points of ellipses… at least not to your face.

*No actual words were harmed in the making of this blog article.