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Intrust now includes cyber security awareness training classes with our CompleteCare service. Employees of our CompleteCare clients can choose a date below to register for our Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World session and our add-on classes, too. If your company is a new client to Intrust, or if you have a lot of new employees that need to be trained at once we can also perform the training at your location. Full descriptions of these training classes can be found below.

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Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World

If most cyber security presentations were a book, they would be 95 pages of doom and gloom. Filled with pages of statistics about data breaches, only 5 pages might contain actual cyber security information. You’d be sure to get a lot of non-specific recommendations that you already know too.

That is NOT the case this time! Our cyber security session casts that stale agenda aside and gives you new insight into the rapidly developing world of cybercrime. And, we’ll give you specific things you can do to protect your company, yourself and your family from cyber threats.

You’ll walk away with some best practices, helpful tips and security tools you can start implementing right away to greatly improve your cyber security!

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When you register for Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World, be sure to take advantage of these short add-on learning experiences we’re holding before and after your session:

Outlook Tips and Tricks

When you register for the Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World session, register to join us for a quick 30 minute session afterwards where we’ll dive into some tips and tricks for using your work email with Outlook.

Working with Intrust IT

Perfect for new employees, this quick 30 min session will be held prior to the Cyber Security Awareness for the Real World session. You'll hear a little about who we are, meet some of our staff and see how to submit tickets when you need technical support. You can add this class when you register for your cyber security session.