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Intrust IT Referral Program

At Intrust IT, we believe that referrals are the greatest form of compliment. If you know someone who is worried about their business technology and could benefit from the great service Intrust offers, all you need to do is fill out the form below.

How do you know if a colleague needs a little help from Intrust IT? Are they:

  • Complaining to you about bad IT support?
  • Worried about data security?
  • Having ongoing problems with their computers?
  • Looking to hire a new IT staff?
  • Expanding their business?
  • Moving to a new office?
  • Opening a new remote office?
  • Stressing about keeping up with the rapid changes in IT?
  • Taking time out of their personal lives to deal with IT issues. Needlessly wasting valuable energy and time away from family and much needed “downtime”.

If you know someone who fits any of the descriptions above, then do them a favor and introduce them to Intrust by filling out the form below.

Intrust IT customers enjoy worry-free IT, allowing them to achieve their goals and run their businesses. At Intrust we:

  • Keep your DATA secure
  • Keep your PEOPLE happy
  • Keep your PROCESSES efficient
  • Keep your STRATEGY on track

If someone you refer to us turns into an Intrust IT client*, you will receive a $200 Visa gift card in return! Or, if you would prefer we will donate $200 to charity in your name.

By recommending partners, associates, or professional contacts, you can pay some peace-of-mind forward, letting them enjoy worry-free IT, and reap some rewards for yourself! It’s a win-win.

Save a colleague from their IT worries by entering their contact information in the form below.

  • Your Information

  • Referred Company Information

*To be considered a client, the referred company must have at least 10 computers and engage Intrust in an IT project or ongoing support agreement.