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Digital Security Checklist

  • Be suspicious of every e-mail
  • Hover over links – don’t click them if you are unsure!
  • Have your mail system flag spoofed email
  • Use at least two different e-mail accounts
    • Primary account for communications
    • Secondary address for accounts
  • Don’t publish your e-mail address anywhere on the Internet
  • Subscribe to breach monitoring ( or
  • Set a different password for every website
  • Use randomly generated complex passwords or passphrases
  • Use password management (
  • Set a security PIN
  • Set an idle timeout
  • Don’t connect to unknown wireless networks
  • Don’t auto-connect to unsecure wireless networks, even trusted ones
  • Keep it up to date, if you can
  • If you use Android, use an antivirus
  • Verify provider of any app before entering credentials – especially financial apps
  • Be mindful of free utility apps that access more than they should
  • If you use Android, use a device that offers data encryption and make sure it is enabled
  • Setup “find my device” and test to make sure you know how to use it
  • Use at least 4 separate credit cards
    • Scheduled/Recurring Payments
    • Online Shopping
    • Physical Shopping
    • Emergency Card
  • Setup real-time charge notifications via e-mail, text or an app
  • Setup online account for alerts and credit reports and notifications
  • Use Mint to track all your accounts and get activity alerts
  • Do NOT use your debit card as a credit card