April 3: NKY Chamber Beyond the Box Virtual Lunch Series

NKY Chamber Virtual Lunch Series Webinar Cyber Security

See Dave Hatter speak on the panel at the webinar on cyber security

On Friday, April 3rd the NKY Chamber hosted their first Beyond the Box Virtual Lunch Series. Our own Dave Hatter had the opportunity of being on the panel. At this session, they discussed how businesses and employees can protect themselves online from cyber attacks when working remotely from home.

Check out the video below to watch the discussion.

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Dave Hatter is our Cyber Security Consultant. He’s an award-winning technology professional who’s done hundreds of on-air interviews as a subject matter expert, like the webinar on cyber security above. Dave is passionate about cybersecurity, lifelong learning and continuous improvement and he is constantly working to improve his skills and stay at the cutting edge of industry.

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