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IT and Cyber Security Terms Defined for 2019

IT and Cyber Security Terms for 2019

When you are dealing with IT service issues, jargon can be intimidating. Here are some basic IT and cyber security terms and concepts to help you move on and not be surprised the next time something happens. Malware: For a long time, the phrase “computer virus” was misappropriated as a term to define every type…

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Disaster Recovery Services for Cincinnati Tornado Season: Are You Ready?

Disaster Recovery for Tornado Season

Natural disasters can happen at any time. When they do, some regions often bear the brunt, like earlier this month in Dayton, Ohio. We know tornado season can weigh on your mind and make you lose sleep. Disaster recovery services can help your business be spared from total devastation. With that in mind, here are…

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Cincinnati Managed Services in Blue Ash, Ohio

Cincinnati Managed Services in Blue Ash, Ohio

Our Cincinnati managed services company is centrally located in Blue Ash, Ohio. We’ve transformed our Blue Ash building into a happy home for Intrust. It’s where our customer service magic is nurtured, and then it spreads to all our clients.  Why Cincinnati Managed Services in Blue Ash? Blue Ash is a diverse and beautiful area…

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Centrally Monitor Microsoft OneDrive Sync Status

How to Centrally Monitor Microsoft OneDrive Sync Status

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t provided a good way to monitor OneDrive sync status centrally, which is why we’ve kept it at arm’s length for customer solutions. Without central reporting through Office 365, we have to rely on endpoint monitoring of the sync client itself. The key to accomplishing this is a custom OneDriveLib.dll which interfaces with…

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How One Client Saved 28K with Microsoft Office 365 Auditing

Microsoft Office Auditing Case Study

We saved one client over $28,000 per year on Microsoft Office 365 licenses through our Office 365 auditing process.  Here at Intrust, almost all of our clients use Microsoft Office 365 licensing for some combination of email hosting, Office software, and Dynamics CRM. Sometimes clients who had Microsoft 365 prior to their relationship with Intrust…

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Office 365 Mailbox Size Considerations

Best Office 365 Mailbox Size Considerations

Changing Office 365 licensing can stop mail flow. Recently, while reviewing license levels, a company decided to drop a user’s Office 365 license from Business Premium ($12.50 per month) down to Kiosk ($2 per month). Dropping the license level sounded like a great idea because it saved over $10 per month. About 24 hours after…

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Office 365 Mail Rules to Use for Anti-Spoofing

Anti-Spoofing Rules for Office 365

Fraudulent emails are becoming a common cyber threat. Anti-spoofing mail rules set up in Office 365 can help. In these phishing schemes, scammers research internal company names and send emails that look like they are coming from the CEO or someone else in the company. Typically the scam emails request a wire transfer or other…

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Saving Changes When Using HP Thin Clients and Windows Embedded

HP Thin Client Tips

HP thin clients that use Windows embedded as the operating system (OS) have a feature that causes them to revert back to the previous state upon reboot. With HP thin clients, if you need to change something in the OS, follow these steps to make the change. HP Thin Clients Steps Be aware of the…

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Enabling Account Lock-Out RADIUS based Authentication

Enabling Lock Out with Radius Based Authentication

It’s standard best practice to use RADIUS with wireless to provide a stronger method of authentication, however, sometimes this isn’t always the case. When using the Network Access Policy role in Windows Server to provide RADIUS services, many people miss the fact that although wireless users may be authenticating against Active Directory (which is great),…

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