Intrust IT Expands Employee Ownership by Acquiring Hard Warehouse Technologies

Hard Warehouse Technologies

Blue Ash-based IT services company’s acquisition of local computer hardware supplier creates full-circle moment. Intrust IT brought Hard Warehouse Technologies into its corporate umbrella on January 1, 2021. The move presented a unique opportunity for Intrust IT founder, Tim Rettig, who was once an intern with Hard Warehouse Technologies as a college student long ago.  …

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As Seen In Money Magazine: Intrust’s Dave Hatter Shares His Expertise

Dave Hatter Talks Password Managers With Money Magazine

Dave Hatter is no stranger to interviews. He’s done hundreds of local on-air TV and radio segments as a subject matter expert in cyber security. We love Dave’s passion for helping people understand these complex issues and how they impact their daily lives. This month, you can also find Dave’s insight in Money Magazine discussing…

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New (Free) Cyber IT Security Makeover Course from Intrust IT

Cyber IT Security

In this new course, we guide you through the cyber security steps you can take for your business in easy-to-follow, 3-minute videos. Start training. Can cyber IT security really be as easy as PIE? It can with a simple makeover! That’s what the new video course from Intrust IT in Cincinnati is all about. Here’s…

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Our Latest Intrust IT Webinar Training Dates

Cyber Security Webinar Training

Join Tim Rettig in our free webinar training series Take time at lunch to learn something new; from Microsoft Teams for remote workers to email productivity to the latest in cyber security. We promise no bulleted lists of boring statistics: These seminars are chock full of new insights and offer best practices, helpful tips and…

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How Intrust IT Became Employee-Owned (ESOP)

Employee-Owned (ESOP)

Intrust IT is an employee-owned company, through an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). But it didn’t begin that way. The ESOP was implemented in 2019 as part of an eight year plan that began in 2012. Our founder, Tim Rettig as well as his father, Jay Rettig, were recently interviewed by the Leading With Courage…

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Nov 20: NCEO National Center for Employee Ownership Roundtable

Employee Ownership Roundtable for CEOs

Small Group Employee Ownership Roundtable Discussion The business environment is rapidly changing. From the pandemic to the elections, we can help you navigate this new environment. Join us for this timely employee ownership roundtable where we will help answer the following questions: What is the impact on ESOP companies and transactions? How is strategic planning…

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Business Legacy Fund Helps Employees Buy Businesses

Employees Buy Workplaces Through Business Legacy Fund

The American dream has hit an ownership speed bump… The small business owner who built his company over 30+ years wants to retire, but employees are not able to raise the capital to buy the business. Too often, this ends in businesses closing, workers losing jobs and communities losing both. This process has accelerated during…

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