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Intrust IT is a business technology provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Free Tools

MFCMAPI is a free tool that is great to use to investigate Outlook issues. MFCMAPI can also be used to make changes to Outlook configurations. Go here to download MFCMAPI...

... . One case I used MFCMAPI for was to remove reminders that kept returning.

Sharing your desktop in Lync

I am one of the lucky ones who can work remotely when I need to. Our office is set up with Microsoft O365 and I have anywhere access to my programs and files. That’s the beauty of Office 365. So when I’m home and there is a meeting at work, how do I see what the rest of my colleagues are referring to on their computer?

MS Lync 2010 is our preferred meeting method when some are remote.

Rockin’ a Convertible…..Tablet!

Being in sales I get a lot of questions about tablets. If you’re anything like most professionals I talk to, the tablet becomes a tool to do your job better, faster and cooler while on the run. A lot of people have a laptop and a tablet. I think that’s great that you want to work while on the run, but why would you want to carry 2 devices with you or have 2 devices when you can have one? ...

The biggest benefit of having a convertible tablet is it gives you the best of both worlds.

Turn an ebay search into an RSS feed

Have you ever been watching ebay to find that rare item, or just trying to keep an eye out for a good deal? You can save a search in ebay and it will
email you daily, but I found that it leaves a lot to be desired. It always gives me notification about suggested items that don’t match my search.

MSOffice Cutting-Edge Calendar

I know what everyone's doing.

I can see not only my calendar in MS Office 365’s Outlook Calendar, but everyone else’s in the company as well. OK, it’s their work calendar, so no – I don’t know where people are going on their lunch hour or who’s getting Botox.

Windows Built-In Screen Shot Recorder

In addition to the screen capture tool, Windows 7 and Windows 8 have an automated screen-shot recorder built-in.

Just type “PSR” for “problem step recorder” in the run window, and up pops a 'Steps Recorder' window: then click on 'Start Record'...

It will capture a picture of your screen every time you click on something, and it will even put a green box around whatever you click on.

Re-registering all DLLs on a Windows box

Recently we had a Windows 2003 server that was having all kinds of issues. Most programs would not open when double clicked, there were missing components in programs, and things were just behaving oddly. Example – The Event Viewer would not open, but I could open Computer Management to access the Event Viewer.

Exchange 2010 Anti-Spam Bouncing Postini Deliveries

Intrust Group uses Postini to provide spam-filtering services to our customers. Recently, we have been having some issues where users will try to deliver an email from their Postini quarantine. The email will be reported as “delivered” in Postini, but it never shows up anywhere in the user’s Outlook view, including the inbox, subfolders, junk mail, etc.