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Intrust IT is a business technology provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Secure Your Place in the Pinterest World

So, as of late, a slew of my friends and family have been using this social networking tool, Pinterest. So, I decided to find out some more information about it? Is it the next Google+, Facebook, or Twitter? Well, maybe.

From my observations, Pinterest has quite a bit of potential to succeed.

One-Handed Typing on the Job

I recently broke my left wrist during a freak dog-walking incident resulting in a severe loss of productivity. Everyone keeps telling me, “Be glad it’s not your right hand.” And while I am happy for that (being right-handed), I have to say, there are very few things I do in my day-to-day job that aren’t slow, cumbersome and difficult with just one hand.

Join Waze: A Community of Travelers

Join Waze: A Community of Travelers

My wife and I were talking about items that our children will never have the “luxury” of using. We came up with items such as:

Maps - Oh, how we all loved fighting over exactly where we were, and then, after an argument that concluded with us not having any idea where we were, wadding the map up and shoving it into the glove box because you couldn’t get the blasted thing folded.

Setting Up A New Computer is a Snap with Ninite

Have you ever set up a new computer and wanted to quickly install all your favorite freeware apps? Try Ninite. It allows you to select and install many freeware apps at one time.

Ninite lists over 75 popular freeware apps. Installing them is as easy as selecting the programs you want, then downloading and running the installer.

Remove Spyware with Malwarebytes

On the help desk, we get quite a few virus and spyware-related issues. While all of our users have anti-virus software, like Microsoft Forefront, not all spyware is detected by it. One program we use regularly is Malwarebytes. It has proven to be effective at catching what Forefront does not.

Keep Your Computer Running Smooth with CCleaner

One of the ways I keep myself productive at work is to make sure my computer is running without a hitch. Besides running anti-virus and anti-malware programs, it’s a good idea to clean unwanted files from your computer. The best program I have found for doing this is CCleaner, available from Piriform.