Bloomberg WINTRV.EXE Problem with Kaseya

Bloomberg Bloomberg Professional Service Error

We have a few customers who currently use the Bloomberg Professional Service software for financial trading. Recently, all of them have had a Bloomberg Professional Service error issue where the software will not start. It reports an error and then closes when you click OK:

WINTRV.EXE - Application Error

The exception unknown software exception (0xc00000fd) occurred in the application at location 0x0453abc5

How to Fix Bloomberg WINTRV.EXE Problem

After trial and error and talking with Bloomberg support, we found that the new July version of Bloomberg has compatibility issues with Kaseya remote management software. Here are two ways to fix the issue: 

  1. Remove the Kaseya agent from the computer.


  1. Uninstall the Kaseya Network Access Driver through the Kaseya management website.
  2. Reboot the machine, which should fix the issue and not entail losing remote access to the computer by uninstalling the whole agent.

Bloomberg said they are currently working on a fix. This temporary work around should help the Bloomberg Professional Service error in the meantime.

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