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Did you know 81 percent of hacking-related breaches used stolen passwords or weak passwords? Weak passwords are surprisingly easy to come across, and you probably didn’t know that a 12-character password takes 62 trillion times longer to crack than a six-character password. Our Enterprise Password Management Guide can help you determine:

  • How weak your passwords may be.
  • How to make your passwords stronger.
  • What password managers are and why you should use them.

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Weak Passwords Spell Disaster for Your Business


The percentage of Americans who tried to guess someone’s password, 17% of which were successful


The average cost of a data breach for SMBs. (Ransomware average is $133,000).


The percentage of people who use their name or birthdate in their password.

66 Days

The average amount of time before a cyber attack is detected.

Downloading this free guide is one step toward better business cyber security. In just a few minutes you’ll see if your business is covering the most critical weak password practices. Use this guide to discuss with your internal IT team or managed service provider where you need to start improving your password hygiene.

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