Intrust IT of Cincinnati Named a 2022 All-Star Company by The Great Game of Business®

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Cincinnati, OH:

The Great Game of Business, Inc. congratulates Intrust IT for being named as a 2022 Great Game of Business® All-Star Champion. Intrust IT is part of a growing community of Great Game™ companies from around the globe that have shown unwavering commitment to creating winning workplace cultures and delivering industry-leading financial performance and best-in-class employee engagement. 

Each year, the Great Game community recognizes companies like Intrust IT that have created a “business of business people” who “think, act and feel like owners” by teaching everybody how business works, giving them a voice in saying how the company is run and providing them a stake in the financial outcome. They are using the power of business to transform their associates’ lives and the communities they serve, for the better. 

GGOB at Intrust IT

Here are the main elements to The Great Game of Business: 


Educating employees about company finances and how their efforts improve company profitability—especially as the company has evolved into an ESOP.


Implement and embrace The Great Game of Business® (GGOB) practices like huddling, financial literacy training, and forecasting to focus the entire team on cutting costs and finding ways to increase their margins.


CEO Tim Rettig credits GGOB with having a significant impact on the company’s financials—especially how it has impacted profitability. As IntrustIT has transitioned to a 30 percent ESOP in recent years, GGOB has also played a key role in building a culture of ownership. Case in point: Employee turnover during and immediately after the pandemic was virtually nonexistent, especially when compared to peers in their industry. Perhaps even more exciting, shares in the company’s ESOP have nearly doubled in value over the past three years.

 “We have much less turnover and everyone in the company is very engaged with the profitability of the company because they understand what’s going on with the finances, how they can make changes, and how they directly benefit when the company does well,” Rettig says. 

About the Great Game of Business All-Star Awards

The Champions of the 2022 All-Star Awards are chosen from the All-Star Team and recognized by their peers at The Great Game of Business Conference annually.  Previous winners include New Belgium Brewing, 1-800-Got-Junk, Whole Foods, Destination Harley Davidson and Kindermusik International. Information about The Great Game of Business® can be found at

Additional Resources

To learn more about The Great Game of Business® please contact Donna Petiford or Brandon Lockhart at To view all of Intrust IT’s awards, visit their awards page. To join the team and become an owner of Intrust IT, visit the careers page.

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