How do I find top managed IT services providers?

Managed IT service providers come in all shapes and sizes, from large national firms to the “guy in garage.” Finding one won’t be a problem. Choosing the right managed service provider to partner with for your business might take a little time. Whether you are looking in Cincinnati, in Dayton or anywhere in the U.S., here is what to look for in a quality IT partner:

  1. Monitoring and support 24/7/365.
  2. Fast response times (e.g., “We got your message and are working on it”) and reasonable resolution times based on the level of impact the issue is having on your business.
  3. A high average customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) over several years and client references to back it up.
  4. Experience with your unique business ( industry, environment or requirements) and client references to back it up.
  5. A business located in the Cincinnati/Dayton area (not simply a local address to attract businesses in the area). Your IT team should be willing and able to be on site in your offices when needed. Even better if they schedule regular onsite visits to review equipment or train staff.
  6. No long-term contracts. You want a managed service provider who earns your business month after month, not locks you into a long-term contract. You should be able to cancel all or part of your services with them with 30 days notice.

Those are just the basics. Next you need to find out about their specific IT processes and protocols. Get more questions to ask potential managed IT service providers or download our Choose IT Support checklist.

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