Great Game of Business results

Recently, Intrust IT was honored to be named an All-Star Champion by the Great Game of Business. Results from us and other All Stars were just shared out on the Great Game's blog.

Revenue Soars

The blog post notes that our profits have increased 211 percent in the three years we've been using the Great Game's open book management system and other practices.

Great Game of Business All Stars Results

Other Great Game of Business Results

The above graphic shows just some of the outcomes that occur when companies and organizations follow the Great Game of Business methodology: everything from saved jobs to increased giving to skyrocketing EBITDA. For our Intrust employees, it's been both a motivator and a tool for us to use to move more quickly to becoming an employee-owned company.

If you have questions about the Great Game of Business and how it could help improve your company, we'd be happy to share our experiences. Contact us today.

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