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Managed Services

"Best IT Services Company"

-Cincinnati Business Courier’s 2018 Innovation and Technology Awards

Award-winning managed services for your growing business.

Is it a challenge to predict the cost of your business technology? As a managed services provider, Intrust IT takes the guesswork out of budgeting with our consistent flat-rate monthly plan.

A flat-rate monthly service plan from Intrust IT provides your company with budget consistency and predictability for your IT Management and IT Support.

What are Managed Services?

Managed services are simply a term to define an agreement we hold with our clients to perform a set of IT tasks at a set monthly rate. This includes: providing security and software updates for your PCs, servers and networks, providing helpdesk support for your employees, delivering IT education, and providing strategic planning.

With Managed Services from Intrust IT, you can:

  • Become more productive - with IT support that keeps your business up and running
  • Secure your business focus - while your technology is carefully monitored by our team of experts
  • Expect predictable costs - with a fixed monthly rate that covers everything you need
  • Protect your business - as we shield your data and network from outside threats

With our flat-rate monthly plan, you can put your focus back into your business instead of worrying about your technology budget.

Intrust IT works to find the most cost-effective solution to optimize your IT management investment while ensuring you'll never again be surprised by unforeseen IT expenses for computer network maintenance. We provide workable solutions for your business by giving you the best in IT Management and computer network maintenance with assured cost predictability.

If your business requirements dictate IT support consulting, computer network infrastructure management services, remote and on-site IT support, technology consulting, network and server support, wireless networking, or computer network installation, we're there when you need us.

Our first-rate customer service and support allows you to finally stop stressing over your computer network. With superior computer network maintenance services come with predictable costs, conducting business can become your first priority again.

Let's talk about your technology questions.