Joe Lewis, Business Development Manager

If you’re a fighter pilot, you need a stellar wingman to watch your back, keep you on target and help you navigate tough situations. If you’re a business owner, Joe Lewis, Business Development Manager, is the wingman you want. Joe admits he asks a lot of questions, and his ability to listen is what makes him an asset to our clients looking for direction, security and answers.

Joe Lewis grew up in a small town outside Chillicothe, Ohio, in a family that trained horses. That early vocation seems fitting for someone you could call a “client whisperer.” Joe combines the honesty of a bathroom scale with the expert guidance of a sherpa. He loves meeting new people, who are undoubtedly impressed by his positive energy.

Joe makes maintaining that energy look easy: Probably because he’s a fitness nut who enjoys working out and a foodie who loves discovering new restaurants. Joe and his wife of 23 years live in Pleasant Ridge, where they raised two daughters.

You can learn more about his experience on LinkedIn. Swing by the Intrust IT office and Joe will happily show you around!  

Joe Lewis | Intrust IT Support Cincinnati