Managed Microsoft 365: 9 Benefits of Managed IT Services

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If you are using or considering Microsoft 365 for your business? Consider this: Managed Microsoft 365 is even better. Managed 365 means that a managed service provider (MSP) correctly configures, optimizes and provides ongoing support for your Microsoft 365 installation. Here are nine reasons why your company should partner with an MSP for your Microsoft 365.

1. Visibility across all of Microsoft 365

One look at the full scope of Microsoft services will leave many overwhelmed. With managed services, your team has access to subject matter experts who can help identify business needs and fine-tune your service selection so you’re using only what you need.

2. License management

An MSP can set you up with the right licensing to fit your business needs, enabling the services that help drive collaboration, deliver results and add value to your organization. Instead of you reading through Microsoft licensing docs, these professionals can help you understand the difference between Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensing, and you can get back to business!

3. Improved employee experience

Finding and retaining talented employees is one of the most difficult challenges leaders face in today’s market and it’s the talent that makes a company. Providing the right tools to help employees succeed in their positions is one of the top ways to retain talented people, and regardless of your business sector, technology plays a key role.

4. End-to-end service delivery

MSPs can do so much more with end-to-end service delivery.They can manage services, assist in process improvement, manage critical systems and deliver those benefits end to end. 

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5. Scaling your business

Partnering your Microsoft 365 with a managed service provider allows you to scale your business in real time, anytime you need to. MSPs have the knowledge and expertise to help you scale your resources and avoid challenges, keeping you competitive in the market.

6. Minimize downtime with disaster recovery

Disaster recovery capabilities are critical: Recovery strategies help mitigate the damages of equipment failure or data breaches, and directly impact your ability to minimize downtime. 

MSPs continually monitor your systems, identifying potential hardware or software issues. They can also draft a plan of action that maximizes the efficiency of your response to downtime issues.

7. Support on demand with strong SLAs

When managed service providers handle your Microsoft 365 services, you have immediate access to industry professionals who have both the knowledge and skills to resolve issues impacting those services. This reduces the strain on your internal IT and gives team leaders the assurance that they can focus on tasks that help grow the business.

No internal IT team? No worries. MSPs provide you with your own IT department that shows up on time, every time, right when you need it. And if they’re not working on your systems, they’re not on the clock.

8. Automated system maintenance

Ignoring the pop-up message on your computer that is telling you to restart to apply updates can leave your system exposed. MSPs can help you stay ahead of these vulnerabilities, creating and enforcing group policies that automatically deliver updates to every endpoint in your organization, keeping your infrastructure safe from digital exploitation.

9. Managing infrastructure

All of the above exist within your infrastructure model. Allowing MSPs to manage your infrastructure will put your business in a position to take advantage of a higher level of security and collaboration, maintain data integrity and minimize downtime. It will also return time back to your employees who are responsible for driving your business forward.

We know all staying on top of tech can be mind-boggling, so we’re here to help.  Contact us or book a no obligation meeting to talk about managed Microsoft 365 services.

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Tim Rettig

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