Understanding Microsoft Adoption Score

Microsoft Adoption Score (3)

How do you track the value of the technology you’re using, especially in  today’s hybrid and mobile offices?  It’s important to look at the value and work product an employee brings, as well as what might be blocking them from doing their best work. That’s where Microsoft Adoption Score can help.

A Productivity Solution Is Right at Your Fingertips

Sometimes workers become complacent. They are so used to doing things the way they’ve always done it, they don’t even consider using a different, better solution.

And productivity can be tricky. If you’re looking at the wrong things, it can get in the way of arming your team with better solutions. Productivity cannot be measured only on how many hours each employee clocks in.

There’s a better tool at your disposal: Formerly called Productivity Score, it is now called Microsoft Adoption Score. Learn more about its powerful insights and how you can use Adoption Score to increase productivity, efficiency and employee satisfaction.  

What Does Microsoft Adoption Score Do?

Microsoft Adoption Score analyzes core components of your employees’ workflow and combines the data from the sum of all its parts . Since it looks at the team as a whole, employees don’t feel personally snooped on.

The tool gives you helpful insights you can share with staff, which in turn help to boost their performance. It also includes hardware-related information that you can use to evaluate if your company’s tools are holding people back.

MS Adoption Score allows you to get in-depth insights and recommended actions at a glance. It looks at different areas in your organization to help you identify and enhance experiences, so your company can reach its goals.

People Experiences Section

The People Experiences area quantifies how people in your organization get work done. For example, you could find that by collaborating with online MS365 files, employees can save an average of 100 minutes per week. That’s about 86.6 hours per year, or more than two full work weeks. 

People Experiences features five categories:

  • Communication
  • Content collaboration
  • Mobility
  • Meetings
  • Teamwork

Technology Experiences

Achieving great people experiences and digital transformation requires secure and accessible technology. This Adoption Score area examines the technology your team works with and notifies you of any risk areas. From there, you can optimize the device experience and network connectivity to ensure optimal apps. Technology Experiences has three categories:

  • Endpoint analytics (requires Intune or Configuration Manager)
  • Network connectivity
  • Microsoft 365 apps health

Special Reports

The Microsoft Adoption “special reports” area provides details on business continuity. These offer timely insights that can help you measure impact and navigate workplace changes. When there’s a transition, such as switching from a fully remote workforce to a hybrid office model, the special report tells you how the change impacted your team’s productivity.

Adoption Score Benefits Your Company

At its core, Microsoft Adoption Score gives you more visibility into your company’s digital transformation journey. With these insights, you’re able to identify and improve experiences that not only help your organization reach its goals but also enable everyone to do their best work.

Automatic Metrics Tracking

Adoption Score tracks your team’s use of Microsoft 365 applications automatically, providing you with helpful information on how staff uses their digital tools. These metrics help you see whether employees are using best practices. If they’re not, this can be remedied by showing them a more efficient way.

Getting the Big Picture: Insights Into the Data

The tool provides you with helpful insights to better understand data. You get more than metrics, you also get the big picture. Once you’ve educated yourself, you can then train your employees on things that improve workflow and save time.

For example, quick responses save time. Using @mentions in Teams can help achieve that by getting someone’s attention in a channel conversation or chat. Adoption Score will tell you how many people use @mentions in Team communications and how much it increases the response rate.  

Recommended Actions to Take

Insights alone won’t help much if you don’t know what to do with the information. Adoption Score will give you actionable recommendations to improve a metric, helping boost productivity. The combination of metrics, insights and recommendations makes this a truly comprehensive tool.

Work Smarter With Microsoft Adoption Score

Whether you have remote, hybrid or in-office workers, Microsoft Adoption Score is invaluable for navigating modern business challenges. However, introducing new tools to your employees can present its own challenges. Be assured that your technology supports rather than hinders workers’ success by partnering with the right IT service provider.  If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to book a virtual appointment to explore IT solutions that can accelerate your organization’s productivity.

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Microsoft Adoption Score (3)

Understanding Microsoft Adoption Score

How do you track the value of the technology you’re using, especially in  today’s hybrid and mobile offices?  It's important...