Why Intrust IT Doesn’t Lock In Your Company, Has No Long-Term Contracts

No Long-Term Contracts at Intrust IT

In an industry-challenging move, Intrust IT embraces a “no long-term contracts” philosophy—doesn’t require clients to sign long-term contracts.

One thing we despise at Intrust IT is long-term contracts.  The business environment changes fast, so we need our vendors and partners to be able to adapt and change to keep up.  I’m sure your company feels the same way, so unlike all of our competitors, Intrust IT has no long-term contracts.  You can change or even cancel any of our contracts with just 30 days notice.  

How can Intrust IT operate like this, when long-term contracts are standard in our industry?

  • Intrust is an employee-owned company. It seems strange that this would be the primary reason, but the dirty secret is that most IT support companies want to lock their customers into long-term contracts in order to maximize the value of their company for a future sale.  At Intrust, the employees own the company and we aren’t seeking to ever sell our customers out.
  • Intrust is confident in our ability to consistently deliver good customer service. We like to put it this way: “If we suck, you aren’t stuck.”  At the end of every month, we earn your business for the next month.  We make sure we deliver great service month in and month out to keep you satisfied with the value we deliver. We want you to keep relying on us as your IT support and cyber security provider.  While our competitors are focused on roping clients into long-term contracts with steep early-termination fees, Intrust is focused on delivering great customer service.  We have exceeded 99 percent customer satisfaction rates almost every month for over 10 years.
  • We don’t sell you things you don’t need. We’ve had a lot of companies come to us after being in a bad long-term contract: Typically they were promised something that was never really delivered.  We make sure our services and solutions benefit your company every month.  We won’t sell you something you don’t need, because if we did you could just cancel the unnecessary service or product the next month.

Super Security With No Risk

Companies come to us to reduce their cyber security risks. The last thing they want to do is get into a risky long-term contract.  Choosing Intrust IT as your IT support and cyber security provider is no risk.  

With risk-free agreements and top cyber security and IT support, isn’t it time to talk to Intrust IT? Contact us today.  

With no long-term contracts, there’s also no risk to  seeing for yourself what makes Intrust IT special. Contact us or book a meeting to learn how we can support your technology needs.

Tim Rettig

Tim Rettig

Tim Rettig, Intrust IT founder and serial entrepreneur, is a tech expert, educator and tireless advocate for employee ownership. His strategic work to build partnerships with clients has made Intrust into one of the fastest growing IT companies—scoring a spot on Inc 5000’s list of Fasting Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years.

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