Nov 20: NCEO National Center for Employee Ownership Roundtable

Employee Ownership Roundtable for CEOs

Small Group Employee Ownership Roundtable Discussion

The business environment is rapidly changing. From the pandemic to the elections, we can help you navigate this new environment.

Join us for this timely employee ownership roundtable where we will help answer the following questions:

  1. What is the impact on ESOP companies and transactions?
  2. How is strategic planning and financing being impacted?
  3. Should you change your 5 year plan?
  4. What are differences in ESOP acquiring other ESOP’s or Non-ESOP’s.

This interactive virtual panel will provide an excellent learning environment aimed at discussing best practices, practical considerations, and customizable solutions for the issues facing your ESOP.


This is a limited offering for CEO's, CFO's and Board Members

Friday, November 20, 2020

1:00 PM - 2:30 PST


Only 15 Seats Available!

Every time you call Intrust, you talk to the owner.

At Intrust IT, we became employee-owned in 2019. This bold move means we are all owners who want to help you succeed.

As part of GGOB, we are continuing to develop the financial literacy of our team to help them continue to prosper as owners. As a managed service provider, our understanding our our financials helps us serve our customers even better.

Another way open-book management benefits customers is through knowledge sharing. If Intrust staffers travel to a conference, for instance, they share their new expertise with the rest of the staff. You can be confident that our team members are up to date on the latest in tech.

As a leading managed service provider, we are here for our clients today and for the long haul. Ready to get the support you deserve? Book an appointment to get connected with our team.


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