Controlling Your Kid's Internet Access

Controlling Your Kid's Internet Access

This IT Event is part of Miami Township's Educational Series.

Our own Tim Rettig is presenting for the Miami Township Educational Series.

It's a given that kids today are required to be on the Internet. Years ago homework meant using an encyclopedia, dictionary, and a thesaurus. Today homework means Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube. Because of the vast amount of information available on the Internet, there's a lot out there you don't want your kids to have access to until they are ready.

This session will show you, as a parent, how to monitor and control where on the Internet your kids go. We will start with the basics that every parent should have in place, no matter your kid's age, and then we will progress into more sophisticated controls for your older and more technically savvy kids. Many of the tools that we will demonstrate are available for free. The content is for parents with kids from preschool to high school. It is not recommended that children attend.

Presented by: Tim Rettig, President & CEO of Intrust IT. The views and opinions of this vendor do not necessarily state or reflect those of Miami Township.

Event Details

NOVEMBER 18, 2019 FROM 6:30 - 7:30 PM

Miami Township Civic Center

6101 Meijer Dr, Milford, OH 45150

Tickets available at the door $5


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