Learn Top Phishing Prevention Tips with our 2021 Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet

Intrust IT Phishing Prevention Tips

How to Prevent Phishing

Knowing how to discern between an important email and a scam can be a challenging task. Here at Intrust, we know the importance of ironclad cyber security. We’ve created a one-page cheat sheet with phishing prevention tips. The do's, don’ts and nevers will help you and your team protect company data and personal information. 


Here are some of the tips you’ll see on the cheat sheet:

  • The “do’s” of protecting your data
  • The “don’ts” of clicking on scams or downloading dangerous files
  • The “nevers” when it comes to sharing information online or on the phone
  • And more!


By following the recommendations on the cheat sheet, you will:

  • Protect the files on your computer
  • Keep your personal information private
  • Save your company the time and money it takes to deal with ransomware


Download the cheat sheet now so you can protect your invaluable data.

Download the Phishing Prevention Cheat Sheet:

Looking for Cyber Security Services?

These phishing prevention tips are a good starting place to protect your business. When you're ready to go one step farther, consider our cyber security services. They include user education so no one on your team falls victim to a phishing attack. Book an appointment to get protected now.

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