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Just like a personal credit score, your company's cyber security score can be used by others to rate your company's stability based on how secure it is. It could be your bank, your insurance company or your customers that use this information. To protect your company, you can also find out the security score of your vendors, partners and supply chain.

Know your score so you know where to begin.

Your score is calculated based on the collection, analysis and attribution of millions of critical data points. The result is an unprecedented view of risk across your entire digital ecosystem made up of the following 10 risk factors:


  • Network Security

  • DNS Health

  • Patching Cadence

  • Endpoint Security

  • IP Reputation

  • Web Application Security

  • Cubit Score

  • Hacker Chatter

  • Leaked Credentials

  • Social Engineering

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Here’s What You’ll Get Within

  • Your cyber security score on an A-F security rating scale
  • A list of ten Threat Indicators, and what your score is for each
  • The number of open ports discovered
  • The number of vulnerabilities found
  • The number of other companies monitoring you
  • How you compare to peers in your industry
  • A report to leverage with leadership to support your cyber security recommendations
  • If any major issues are found, we will invite you to a deep-dive into your results.

Why get your free cyber security score?


See yourself through a hacker's eyes. Sophisticated and constantly emerging cyber attacks threaten your business every day. And cyber criminals are not kids in hoodies in someone's basement. They are well-funded criminal organizations who see weaknesses as a gold-plated invitation. With your free cyber security score, you can identify your vulnerabilities and rigorously protect your business. It will help you prioritize your cyber needs and align leadership. Once you have a better cyber security stance, cyber criminals will know they are not welcome here.

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