Should Your Cloud Be Built for Your Industry?

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Microsoft continues to expand and deepen its industry-focused cloud offerings, according to a recent MS Power User with five new industry-based cloud solutions. Now manufacturing, retail, finance and nonprofit organizations can also choose a cloud solution built just for their industry (in addition to healthcare, which launched previously). 

After all, if you are going to migrate your systems and data to a cloud solution (as both Microsoft and we, at Intrust, generally believe you should) then why not choose one that caters to the needs of your particular industry?

Here’s a brief description of each of these new clouds:

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The cloud solution that started the whole industry-based concept is piling up the accolades. It enhances patient portals, has intelligent patient outreach, connects to physicians, has a referral component and continuously monitors patient healthcare through IoT (internet of things).

It increases the value of existing Microsoft cloud services and MS Team's virtual visits, making it faster and easier for care teams. Their ability to collaborate, communicate, coordinate care and generate insights helps improve patient outcomes and workflow effectiveness. There is also new integration between Microsoft Teams and Power Apps that enables team members to share timely information.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Over the last year, retailers have seen the need to deal with the online/delivery purchasing surge. Many of them are encouraging customers to  “buy online, pick up in store.”  While serving an immediate customer satisfaction need, this particular Microsoft cloud solution also gives retailers targeted, relevant customers while expanding fulfillment options, simplifying payment processes and offering the benefit of fraud protection.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly changed the workforce from on site to remote and the manufacturing industry is no exception to this trend.  The new cloud solution enables manufacturers to secure remote work and give their remote workers a margin of safety. This allows manufacturers to provide always-on service while they build more flexible factories and create more adaptable supply chains.

Microsoft states, “The intent is to bring together new and existing capabilities as well as partner solutions which can connect people, assets, workflows and business processes, helping organizations become more resilient.” It will preview the manufacturing cloud in June 2021

Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services

The modernization of core banking services  to include deep analytics and create a faster path to customers is what the Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services provides while maintaining the strictest compliance requirements.

It includes a  workflow process that allows  financial institutions, including banks, to have a complete view of each customer. While providing real-time status visibility and enhancing insights, it will also help reduce fraud. It has scalable and hybrid deployment options that will allow financial institutions to modernize their systems.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Nonprofit organizations are often at a disadvantage when it comes to normal cloud infrastructures, but with the new Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, they too will benefit from a cloud service devoted to their particular needs. It will help them connect staff with the nonprofit’s volunteers and allow all to focus on the mission of the organization. Whether it's the design of a program, its delivery, volunteer management, fundraising plans or outlines, the collaboration of staff and volunteers will be easier and more productive. Launch is scheduled for June 2021.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices and whether or not one of them might fit your company, no worries. We’re here to help. Contact us or book a meeting. As your Information Technology (IT)  and cybersecurity partner, part of our role is to help you determine the best solutions for your organization and then help you implement them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Dave Hatter

Dave Hatter

Dave Hatter (CISSP, CCSP, CCSLP, Security+, Network+) is a cyber security consultant, writer, educator and on-air media contributor. See hundreds of Dave’s expert interviews on cyber security on his YouTube channel, or tune in to 55KRC every Friday morning at 6:30 for his “Tech Friday” segment.

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