10 Signs It’s Time to Switch Providers

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When it comes to managed IT support and supplemental IT services, there are a wide range of IT providers out there—and they are far from equal. So, it’s frustrating to see businesses settle for IT support that doesn’t meet their needs simply because they’re scared to switch. Yes, switching takes a little effort and time. But it is nothing compared to the time, effort and expense you will save with a high quality IT provider that is a good fit (and great partner) for your business.  So,  what are the signs that it’s time to switch IT providers? Here are 10  to watch for:

  1. Response time to your questions is snail paced, and so is the response time to tickets.
  2. Their so-called “security plan” is not so secure. You don’t feel protected or prepared. 
  3. Sure they did some training for your employees a while back, but they don’t train new employees or retrain current staff so that they clearly understand the nuances of cyber attacks.
  4. Their bill gets higher and higher and you think you’re paying for things you don’t even need.
  5. All they do is react to your problems. They’re not proactively preventing them.
  6. Conversations with them are often painful and unproductive.
  7. Their goals for your company don’t seem to match yours.
  8. They don’t seem on top of the cyber security landscape. (You are the one telling them about the latest cyber scams and attacks.)
  9. They blame your firewall or network for slow connections and want you to buy a new, more expensive one (of course). 
  10. They don’t provide data backup!

Really? It’s time to take a look at what other IT providers have to offer because, believe us, it will be better than that!  

Perhaps your business has simply outgrown your current MSP’s services. Or there’s been a lot of turnover and you don’t feel anyone there really gets your business anymore. Whatever the reason, the signs are clear: It’s time to switch IT providers to one that is a better fit for your needs. To help you find the right MSP for your business, download our Choose IT Support Checklist.

Switching providers doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or expensive. We can help you through the process.  Contact us or book a meeting.

Tim Rettig

Tim Rettig

Tim Rettig, Intrust IT founder and serial entrepreneur, is a tech expert, educator and tireless advocate for employee ownership. His strategic work to build partnerships with clients has made Intrust into one of the fastest growing IT companies—scoring a spot on Inc. 5000’s list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for a total of four years.

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