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Kyle Yanko

Kyle Yanko

Professional Services Manager

Working as a carpenter might not be where you’d expect an IT industry guy to have experience, but that is where Director of Client Services Kyle Yanko got his start—putting in hours doing construction while he studied computer science at Ohio University. Building is in Kyle’s nature and he uses it to make things solid, like the service team he manages here at Intrust.

Kyle lays in the groundwork for our impressive customer service by creating and maintaining procedures and operational standards for the team to follow. Kyle drives his team like a hammer to nails, demanding that they are knowledgeable, friendly, and empathetic. With a goal of 99% customer satisfaction, Kyle gives only a small margin for error and won’t tolerate shoddy construction, making sure his team is strong enough to resolve customer issues twice as fast as industry averages (not to mention accurate, because nobody likes to end up with a smashed finger, right?).

Before coming to the Intrust team, Kyle built a career of strong experience in the IT industry, including managing and training multiple teams of remote technicians while working for HP on the Navy/Marine Corps NMCI Contract. His Cyber Terrorism Defense Initiative (CDI) training lays another sound level to the foundation of the Intrust team by assuring our clients about the security of their data. Kyle is valued by his coworkers for his ability to keep his team level and focused through the whirlwind of changes that forms the daily climate of the IT industry.

For Kyle, weathering the daily storms is another opportunity to build something: relationships with his coworkers at Intrust. He conducts his team by placing each person in a position to serve clients based on individual strengths, so each of them feels valued and a sense of accomplishment in his work. “Happy employees shine through in the work we do,” he says, “and that translates into happy clients.”

Happy. Kyle Yanko is another Intrust team member who goes home at the end of the day happy with the work he is doing. And that’s something he can build on: his home, his family, his community. Happy people, happy world ... at Intrust, that’s how we roll.

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