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Marc Reiter

Marc Reiter

Network Operations Manager

When network issues are an obstacle to getting business done and clients are lost in a maze of technological dead-ends, NOC (Network Operations Center) Manager Marc Reiter is the guy we turn to find the way out of the wilderness. Since obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology from the University of Dayton, Marc has spent 20 years forging a path in the forest of information technology, collecting as he’s gone an impressive alphabet of certifications behind his name. A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) Enterprise Administrator, a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and a DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer (DCIE), Marc has a depth of knowledge that allows him to quickly identify the cause of issues, put together a plan and execute it.

Surmounting obstacles and finding his way through difficult terrain are activities Marc likes to do in his off time, too. An off-road and rock-crawling enthusiast, Marc enjoys taking his 1973 Bronco to explore remote places across the country. The qualities that allow him to be successful in his hobby are also valuable in his work: determination and follow-through. Marc won’t allow anyone to stay stuck in network problems for long; he knows our clients have places to go and things to do. He will find a way around the fallen tree, across the creek, or over the hill of boulders that are standing in the way to successfully accomplishing the business of the day.

At Intrust, Marc looks forward to new challenges every day, working in different environments, and exploring new technologies. Going into the office every day is like going into uncharted territory, an opportunity to use his skills to navigate the hills and valleys of the technology landscape and climb to a place where he can take in the view. But what makes it most rewarding to Marc is the fun and lively cast of interesting people that accompanies him: the Intrust team and our clients. In Marc’s version of “King of the Mountain”, there is room at the top for everyone…and he will give you a ride there in his Bronco.

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