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Jake Houston should be given a polydactyl cat and two extra days off (PAID!) because he is so full of awesome. He was pleasant, human and thorough during our collaborative effort to repair my laptop. If given the chance to repair broken stuff with Jake again I would do it. Truthfully, If my car had trouble, I couldn't make it to level 140 on Battlefield 4 or there was an issue with peace in the middle east, I would consider deploying Jake Houston as a solution. In fact, you might want to consider encapsulating him in a pod, mounting him to the under-wing of an F-35 and drop it/him right into the middle of Syria. I firmly believe that a) he will survive the fall b) he will land on his feet and c) despite not speaking the local language..(which kinda baffles me given his skillz) that the local would understand when he simply utters "sup". I expect that they would all start shaking hands and scoffing at the fact that they have been so violent toward one another recently and immediately halt all aggression. Jake is great. "5 out of 4 stars" - Raves Rolling Stone "I know newspaper is dead but we're still relevant.. and so is Jake.. my god that man needs more days off just as a gift of thanks!" - Chicago Tribune. Jake was truly helpful and did a great job.

Local Technology Company
August 13, 2018