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Universal Communications


To stay competitive, companies today must provide multiple, easy-to-use, well-integrated, and convenient communication channels for their employees. It is no longer acceptable to have isolated communication channels consisting of phone systems, email systems, voicemail systems, instant messaging systems, etc.

The ability for users to seamlessly collaborate at their convenience across multiple devices anywhere at any time is called “Universal Communications” and goes well beyond the previous goal of unified communications.

Universal Communications is changing the way we work and increasing productivity throughout the workplace! Presence, instant messaging, screen sharing, online whiteboards, and point-and-click conference calling are now expected methods of communication within teams and across the organization. And for a business with remote workers, these functions are a vital component for collaboration among all staff regardless of location.

As the pioneer solution in Universal Communications, Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) can integrate, or completely replace, your existing phone system to provide revolutionary functionality. Here’s a glimpse of the Skype for Business key benefits:

Stay in touch anywhere: Skype enables users to communicate securely anywhere with network connectivity, automatically adapting to network conditions.

Use the device you want: Skype makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, Apple/iOS, and Android smartphones.

Communicate in the right way: Skype unifies voice and video calls, Skype Meetings, Presence, and instant messaging (IM) in one easy-to-use tool, making it simple to choose and switch between different forms of communication.

Easily create and join meetings: Joining a Skype Meeting requires only a single touch or click on smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Make virtual meetings more effective: You can see a gallery of everyone on a conference call with you or only see the active speaker.

Extend meetings outside your organization: The Web App allows PC and Mac users to join your Skype Meetings from a browser and delivers a full online meeting experience including IM, voice, multi-party video, data collaboration, and sharing.

Keep it all in Outlook: Receive your voicemails as transcribed e-mails into your Outlook email. Call in to have your email read to you while you driving and verbally respond to email while on the go.

Full Office 365 integration: Use your Office 365 mailbox for voicemail storage. Take advantage of the great licensing benefits Office 365 provides.

Connect with the outside world: Skype federation extends unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers, and partners using Skype, Lync, Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and other IM chat systems.

So whether you're looking to deploy Skype for Business or have it already deployed and now need to connect it to your phone system, Intrust IT is the best choice for getting there quickly, easily, and for a minimal investment.

Finally, there’s a simpler and more cost-effective way to fully leverage the power of Universal Communications throughout your organization!