What is a cloud managed service provider?

Cloud service providers are third-party companies that offer cloud-based platform, infrastructure, application and storage services. These providers are kind of like utility companies where you pay for the services you use, in this case cloud services. A cloud managed service provider bundles cloud services into a managed service agreement, meaning you are not just buying the cloud services, but getting the expertise and support you need to keep it optimized and secure.

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outsourcing of IT services FAQ graphic

What does outsourcing of IT services mean?

Outsourcing simply means to fulfill a function from an external resource instead of an internal team or staff member. When…

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IT help desk outsourcing FAQ graphic

What is IT help desk outsourcing?

IT help desk outsourcing is when you hire an external vendor to provide 24/7/365 tech support for your team as…

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IT project outsourcing FAQ graphic

What is IT project outsourcing?

IT project outsourcing is when you hire an external resource to accomplish a specific, limited scope IT project within a…

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