What Is IT Service Management?

An IT service management (or ITSM) company uses a process to plan, support, create, deliver, operate and implement your IT technology to best serve you and your customers or clients. An ITSM’s scope of work covers all technology services and devices. Laptops and laptop applications, printers,  servers, all software applications and even your passwords.

ITSMs oversee all workplace technology, including all technology and technology services. ITSMs reduce costs, which leads to better service, which leads to more customer satisfaction.

An ITSM company will:

  • Help to streamline your infrastructure to assist in better delivery of the high-quality internet technology needed for your business.
  • Ensure your company data is only accessible through an authorized current endpoint user (staff, client, etc.). As a bonus, the ITSM will purge the system of former employees or clients who can still access your network because someone forgot to block their entry or change their passwords when they left the company.
  • Examine every endpoint (computer, phone, scanner, etc.) and every application to ensure they are up to the latest system requirements (and update them if they are not).
  • Advise you on the optimal type of backup to handle any possible data breaches whether they come from criminal activity or natural disasters.  
  • Review your cybersecurity plans and processes to reinforce them or replace them with safer ones.
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