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Why Intrust IT

Improve business efficiency with strategic IT

Answering the question “why” is sometimes difficult to do. Lucky for us, we have a lot of reasons why we are your best choice.

Why should I do business with Intrust?

Experience - Intrust has been in business for over 25 years and has amassed experience with just about every type of technology you can think of in almost every situation imaginable. For instance, you could be looking to acquire another company and need the data from a dozen locations consolidated into one over a weekend. No worries, we’ve done that. Maybe you need to collect data from weather stations in the arctic circle and beam that data in real-time over a satellite link to researchers in the US. We’ve been there – literally. Or, you’re a small company that just needs to know that your IT is being taken care of by someone you trust.

People – Intrust has an award-winning culture, attracting the best and brightest people. That means you get to work with happy people that are around year after year and who know you and your business needs. All our telephone support personnel work in our Blue Ash office and are full-time employees. Our reps also rotate into the field on a weekly basis, so over time you will get to know every person on our team in-person, not just on the phone, e-mail or chat.

Service – Our staff is hired and trained to be service-oriented, and it shows. We collect customer satisfaction and feedback on almost 3 out of every 4 support tickets we close. That data is transparently reported to the entire company every day, and we update our customer satisfaction score monthly on our website. We regularly exceed 99% customer satisfaction monthly, and some months we hit 100%!

Why are Intrust’s managed services the best?

At Intrust, we are fanatics about monitoring, which means many times we see problems before you do, which allows us to resolve them pro-actively. Our goal is to have “half as many problems, solved twice as fast”. We don’t just monitor the health of your switch, we monitor every single port on the switch. We don’t just monitor the physical health of your workstation, we monitor the operating system and application software to make sure all of it is up to date. We monitor multiple layers of cyber security protection on every server, every workstation and every laptop to make sure protection is in place.

Why is Intrust’s cyber security the best?

At Intrust, we’ve known for a long time that cyber security is a lot more than just having a strong firewall at the perimeter. Strong cyber security requires keeping software up to date, protecting endpoints as well as servers, having robust monitoring, and training users. Because true cyber security involves so many aspects of both IT and the business, we use our proprietary BRYCS cyber security model to simply and graphically communicate your cyber security status to you. BRYCS is an acronym for “Basic Representation of Your Cyber Security”. In the graphic below, you can easily see what portions of this example company’s cyber security is strong, and what needs to be improved:


Contact us today if you would like to have this kind of visibility into your cyber security.

If the reasons above aren’t enough, we also have a cute cartoon you can watch that shows what we can do for your company:

Why does Intrust’s logo feature a cloud?

We are a pioneer in adopting cloud technologies, so we know what systems are a “no-brainer” to move the cloud, what systems need to be considered, and what systems make sense to keep on premise for now. We specialize in putting together cloud adoption strategies for companies so that they can leverage the best of the cloud.

Let strategic IT solutions from Intrust IT propel your business to greater heights.

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