Co-Managed IT Blue Ash

A managed service provider's specialists can augment your internal resources. View the list of further services we provide in Blue Ash.

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-managed IT services entail maintaining an internal IT personnel while supplementing those internal resources with managed service provider (MSP)-outsourced services. If your company is large enough to maintain an in-house IT team, co-managed services can be the best of both worlds: You decide how much you want in-house and what you want from an MSP.

Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Your own IT staff manages routine IT maintenance while relying on the support and counsel of a managed service provider.
  • Your MSP becomes your outsourced CTO (sometimes referred to as a virtual chief information security officer or VCISO). Your internal IT team executes those plans and manages your systems.
  • Your IT leadership is in-house but directs an outsourced managed IT team to execute those strategies.

Learn More About Co-Managed IT!

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Realize Your Full Business Potential

Would you like to advance your company? By collaborating with a managed service provider, you can benefit from our technical know-how and get access to priceless resources. Co-managed IT offers a range of valuable features that can benefit your organization, including:

  • Improved scalability and cost-efficiency.
  • Improved protection and proactive upkeep.
  • Access to IT expertise and best practices.

Your Internal Team Is Great, and They Could Be Better

There's a reason you employed the IT specialists you do now. They excel at what they do and are intelligent, responsible, put together, and smart.

But relying solely on your internal IT team can leave your organization vulnerable to potential security breaches, downtime or data loss. Co-managed IT services provide access to IT professionals who specialize in specific areas and have the resources and knowledge necessary to handle any IT challenge.

You can snooze soundly knowing that your IT infrastructure is safe and operating to its highest potential thanks to proactive maintenance, round-the-clock monitoring, and regular updates. Don't risk your organization's reputation or financial stability:  Use co-managed IT services to maximize your IT potential.