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Looking for business IT support services?

Organizations of all sizes and in every industry rely on our team of certified, seasoned experts for IT and cybersecurity services. Our team can help you reduce IT related costs, deliver better technology solutions, improve service delivery for your team, and respond more quickly to incidents. We will keep your organization productive AND secure so that you can focus on growing and improving your businesses rather than worrying about technology.

We Understand Your Specific Needs

Most industries and many organizations have unique ways of doing business. When you collaborate with an IT partner that gets that, things just go more smoothly. Working with a team that understands your business and your industry ensures that issues are resolved more quickly, you receive better advice and you get more peace of mind. Our experts have decades of experience working with organizations of all types.  Learn about our industry-specific experience providing IT outsourcing and services.

Let our experience in your industry give you increased productivity and security. Whether you are a manufacturing company, municipality, nonprofit or in another industry, we have experience working with organizations like yours.

We Future-Proof Businesses of All Sizes in All Industries

At Intrust, we partner with organizations of all sizes across  industries. From rapidly growing startups that need fully managed IT to get their company up and running to mid-sized and large companies that wish to augment their team with our experts or need support for custom IT projects and cybersecurity consulting. 

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Small Business

Up to 10 employees with no dedicated IT staff

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Between 10 and 100 employees with no dedicated IT staff or limited internal IT resources that need augmentation

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100 or more employees with dedicated IT staff but skills or resource gaps that need to be filled. You can leverage our people and tools to keep your organization productive and secure

Feeling Misunderstood?

Every organization is increasingly reliant on technology and is also increasingly likely to face specific compliance and cybersecurity concerns. Can you trust a less-seasoned managed service provider to keep you moving forward while protecting your business assets?

  • 30+ years of experience as an MSP
  • Deep, demonstrable expertise - more than 70 certifications
  • Friendly, helpful employee owners happy to assist you
  • Proven systems customized for each individual client
  • Unique relationship-first approach

Your industry builds the world: Is your technology building a stronger business? Intrust offers unique experience with companies in the manufacturing sector. Discover how we can streamline tech for you.

With so many moving parts, you need the right type of partner to make sure your business is productive and secure. Between warehouse and inventory management, logistics, transportation and more, cybersecurity might fall on the back burner. Learn more about how we can take some responsibility off your plate.

In the financial sector, security, compliance, fraud prevention, data management and disaster recovery are all top-of-mind issues. You need a partner that understands your sector and has your back if things go wrong. Learn more about how we can secure your business.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your projects. You’ve got a lot to manage: job sites, design, engineering, sourcing and the mobile technology to help keep everything running in the field. Learn more about how we can ensure business continuity.

In your sector, cybersecurity is a top priority. You’re responsible for protecting sensitive information and critical infrastructure, as well as providing online payment options, like tax payments, license renewals and permit applications. We can help you manage all of this and more.

As a healthcare professional, you need EMR systems that can securely store, manage and access sensitive personal health information. You also need to maintain compliance under strict regulations like HIPAA, and need IT systems that can help you comply with these industry standards. We can help.

You are responsible to your donors and your community to make efficient use of every dollar, not to mention keeping the information entrusted to you secure. Intrust has the experience you need to provide managed IT services to your nonprofit on a tight budget. Trust us to manage your cloud computing and cyber security so that you can focus on your mission.

Small businesses need to manage their data effectively to stay organized and make informed decisions. You need IT systems that can help you store, access and analyze data, like customer information, sales data and financial records. And, you need it all done on a tight budget. We’ve got you covered.

Professional services, like law firms, accounting firms and consulting firms, have specific IT considerations that are important for your operations. You need to collaborate with colleagues and communicate with clients effectively.  IT systems that can help you detect and prevent security threats are a must. Learn more about how we can custom-fit our knowledge to your business.

Free Cyber Security Essentials Checklist

Not sure you have the skills in-house to prevent cyber crime? Our easy-to-follow checklist can help. We summarized the 18 critical controls created by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) into this helpful, easy to understand one-page resource that can help organizations of all sizes. While there are many layers within each control, making sure you have the general category covered is a good start. Get the free download now.

Does your cyber security measure up?
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