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Custom IT Projects


Custom IT Projects and Cloud Services


Achieve your vision through custom technology projects.

A lack of IT support may already be costing you a great deal.

Without a managed IT services partner, you could be facing: 
  • Downtime and lost productivity
  • Missed opportunities from out-of-date systems
  • Security problems that leave your data vulnerable
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We understand being held back by technology limitations can be frustrating.

All companies need help sometimes, but just hiring a consultant can leave a company with a plan and no results. At Intrust IT, we treat your project as one of our own from start to finish.
  • Count on our decades of experience with businesses like yours
  • Leverage our always up-to-date technology knowledge
  • Manage costs with a fixed project that gets it done without burdening your staff
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With from Intrust IT you get:

  • 1 IT analysis: Our expert consultants pinpoint the faults in your current IT infrastructure in order to design an affordable solution for your individual business.
  • 2 A balanced approach: Using our comprehensive experience with both on-premises and cloud solutions, we make sure that we leverage the right cloud technologies to give your company the best return on investment (ROI) and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), while keeping privacy and scalability in mind.
  • 3 Installation and complete project implementation: With strategic vendor partnerships and in-depth knowledge from years of experience, we design and implement systems to move you forward. We also execute these IT projects in a turnkey manner onsite or remotely.
  • 4 Cyber security: We always hold the cyber security of your company as a top priority, so we build security into our solutions as a core component and not an afterthought.

Custom IT Projects and Cloud Services


Yes, we can provide you with an amazing, strategic technology plan, but a plan alone isn’t going to help your already overburdened staff. From ERP systems upgrades to cloud services implementations, Intrust can execute complete strategic projects in an IT outsourcing manner. That way you can balance meeting day-to-day deliverables and achieving future-state implementations, upgrades and integrations.

When Your Needs Go Beyond Just Consulting

When a business is ready to move forward, technology can be a help or a hindrance. Maybe your vision of growth is to add more locations, improve a customer service system, move to the cloud or upgrade legacy systems.


Whatever you want to achieve, we offer turnkey projects and cloud services that get the job done. When you consult with Intrust, we provide a customized plan and pricing, then get to work on implementation.

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"14 Non-Technical Things You Can Do Today to Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime"

Here's what you'll learn:

  1. Why your employees are your weakest link and what to do about it
  2. Easy ideas for keeping passwords secure
  3. How to tell if your cyber insurance policy is worthless
Intrust IT Custom Projects

Beyond IT Consulting

After the new technology has been deployed, Intrust can provide ongoing user support, or we can train your IT department to be that point of contact. Either way, members of our team are always available as a resource because everyone who assists you is a full-time employee of Intrust, not a temporary contractor. 


With our low employee turnover, chances are good the person who set up your project is still an Intrust team member on your IT support team. 


We bring indispensable value to your company's core business, bridging the gap between business and technology. The knowledge, experience and ability of a seasoned IT team can be the catalyst for accelerated growth in your business.

Award-Winning IT and Cloud Services

Unlike many companies in our industry, Intrust IT doesn't do it all. We have a specific set of abilities that we work to improve relentlessly. That allows us to be outstanding at the core services that we provide. Rather than being just OK at a lot of things, we are exceptional at a few things. For all of the things we don't do, we rely on a trusted group of partners. Those partners are exceptional at the few things they do, too.

The Outsource-Your-Worry Plan

With custom IT or cloud service projects from Intrust IT, you can:
Schedule a time for us to meet (We’ll come to you)
1. Look forward to seeing your vision become a reality
Tell us your tech troubles and ambitions
2. Feel confident that our team of experts is moving your project forward without hiring staff
Partner with Intrust, outsource your worry and get back to your goals
3. Relax knowing that the solutions we recommend are the same technologies we use to run and secure our business
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