We Are All Owners Here

Intrust’s employee-owners are invested in your success.

At Intrust IT, we became employee-owned in 2019. This bold move means we are all owners who want to help you succeed. As a leading managed service provider, we are here for our clients today and for the long haul. Ready to get the support you deserve?

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Every time you call Intrust, you talk to the owner.

Employee ownership means we all focus on customer satisfaction. In 2019, Intrust IT employees participated in an Employee Stock Ownership Plan that transferred ownership to the individuals.


We originally planned to transition the company in 2020 by selling part of the business through an ESOP. But, by following the Great Game of Business (GGOB), our company became debt-free ahead of schedule, and the ESOP transition began in 2018.


As part of GGOB, we are continuing to develop the financial literacy of our team to help them continue to prosper as owners. As a managed service provider, our understanding our our financials helps us serve our customers even better.

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Great Game of Business and Company Culture

We maintain open books through the GGOB style so our employees can follow the flow of money through the company. The culture at Intrust rests on the camaraderie bolstered by GGOB. Every employee has budget line items to oversee, and the budget discussions during our Tuesday huddles are spirited and in-depth.


How does this team strength benefit you? Because every employee is concerned about efficiency and effectiveness, you can count on Intrust IT to be responsive and thorough. Playing the Great Game of Business has aligned the company more than we dreamed possible.


Our employees feel valued and integral to our company. This feeling carries over to longer employee retention and the ability to hire the best people out there. Our customers benefit from long-standing relationships and top-notch assistance with their IT systems.


Tech Knowledge Transfer Enabled

Another way open-book management benefits customers is through knowledge sharing. If Intrust staffers travel to a conference, for instance, they share their new expertise with the rest of the staff. You can be confident that our team members are up to date on the latest in tech.


If your company is interested in learning more about open book management and employee financial literacy, we suggest visiting The Great Game of Business.

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Everyone Pulling in the Same Direction: EOS

At Intrust IT, we use EOS or the "Entrepreneurial Operating System" to run the business.  This system, outlined in Gino Wickman's book Traction, sets a simple vision for the company, gets everyone aligned around it, and then holds people accountable on what they need to do.

You can learn more about EOS at https://www.eosworldwide.com


Don't just take our word for it.

Every time we interact with customers, we ask them to rate the interaction and provide feedback. 

We’re so proud of our 99 percent or higher ratings that we put them right out in the open. 

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Nine Days Away From Keyboard

Why Choose Us As Your Managed Service Provider?


So what does our internal structure as a managed service provider mean for our customers? We find that employees take great pride in their areas of responsibility. They’re engaged, eager to come to work and give the best possible service to our clients. We think it’s one reason why our clients consistently give us 99% or greater satisfaction ratings.


At Intrust IT, we do things differently so our customers notice a big difference in their level of service as compared with other IT support providers. Plus there's no long-term contracts, so no risk to your business. Ready to get the support you need?