Ransomware Response Checklist

You’ve been hit with a ransomware attack or are worried about getting hit with one? Download our simple checklist to help your team respond quickly.

It includes:

A short, helpful list of ransomware response measures.

Tips for how to purge the threat and get your business back up and running quickly.

How to prevent these attacks in the future.

“An easy way to inform everyone.”


“Thanks to this checklist I was able to educate every employee about proper responses to ransomware attacks and now we are all better prepared.”

What to Do in a Ransomware Attack

Quickly Respond

Does your staff know how to react? Do they know who to notify? This checklist tells them how.

Steps to Return to Normal

Easy steps to follow to turn to normal business flow plus credible ransom resources.

Future Prevention of Ransomware Attacks

Includes a simple checklist of security measures training for employees that make the cost worth the investment.

Download this simple ransomware attack checklist.

What to Do in Case of Ransomware Checklist

It’s free. Download the checklist now.
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Looking for Ransomware Solutions?


Does your company lack an up-to-date cyber security plan? You could be vulnerable to costly ransomware attacks. Learn about your vulnerabilities with a 360-degree security assessment, then benefit from a comprehensive cyber security plan from our IT pros.


We offer 24/7 monitoring and guaranteed ransomware protection. Plus, your business can rely on our $1 Million Cyber Guarantee against ransomware. Our cyber security services include:

  • Threat detection: Protect yourself from hackers and online predators
  • Liability assessment: Our experts find weak spots in your network and fix them accordingly
  • Anti-virus strategies: Protect your company from viruses, spyware and malware
  • User education: Your users are your biggest security vulnerability. We train them and test them to be “human firewalls” to protect your company
  • Risk-free services: With no long-term contracts, we earn your business month after month and year after year