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Does Your Technology Need a Checkup?

While you focus on patient care, you must also keep in mind that IT is critical for your organization. Ignoring technical debt and treating IT like an afterthought could put your organization at risk of falling behind, maintaining compliance or being a victim of crippling cyber attacks. From EHR and practice management systems to telehealth and medical imaging applications, today’s healthcare technology moves much too fast for a single IT person to stay on top of. You need a team of technology experts that also understand business and healthcare to help you improve results and keep your organization on track.

We invite you to tap into our extensive experience in the healthcare sector to streamline your business and ensure it’s secure and productive.

Specialized Medical IT Consulting

Rely on the Intrust team to drive productivity, security and compliance (HIPAA, HITECH, FDA, GDPR, CLIA), and provide fast and thorough support. Whether you are considering switching your IT provider, improving your technology strategy or looking to streamline operations, we can help. When you partner with Intrust, we take the time needed to personalize our approach, create an IT roadmap to meet or exceed your goals and make your technology budgeting easier. 

Some of the challenges our team can help your healthcare firm overcome include:

Digital inclusion

Healthcare providers strive to ensure that all patients have access to digital resources and services. This can be a challenge, especially for vulnerable populations such as low-income households, seniors and people with disabilities.

Privacy and data protection

Healthcare providers need to ensure that they collect, store and use patient  data in a responsible manner that complies with data protection regulations like HIPAA. Providers must make sure that data is secure, accessible only to authorized personnel and is used for its intended purpose.

Cybersecurity threats

Today, healthcare providers handle sensitive data, such as patient records and  financial information. This makes them vulnerable to cybersecurity threats such as hacking, phishing and malware attacks, which can lead to data breaches, disruption of services and financial losses. Our robust, industry-leading cybersecurity tools and practices and our 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) protect healthcare providers against data breaches and cyber attacks.


In healthcare, there are often systems in use that may not be compatible with each other. These inconsistencies and incompatibilities can create challenges for sharing patient information across systems, which can impact care coordination and patient outcomes.

EHR usability

Electronic health record (EHR) systems are complex and can be challenging to use. Poor EHR usability can impact clinician efficiency, increase documentation errors and reduce patient engagement.

IT talent shortage

Finding, hiring and retaining IT talent is increasingly expensive and challenging. A shortage of skilled IT personnel with the experience required to manage complex technology infrastructure, cybersecurity and data analytics can lead to difficulty in implementing and maintaining new technology solutions and put you at risk. You can rely on Intrust experts to fill the gap for your organization.

Maximize existing IT spend

You want to get the most from your IT investment. We can help you use your existing tools and systems to their full potential.

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Today’s healthcare industry relies on technology. You face specific compliance and cybersecurity concerns. Can you trust a less-seasoned MSP to keep you moving forward?

  • 30+ years of experience as an MSP
  • Deep, demonstrable expertise - more than 70 certifications
  • Friendly, helpful employee owners ready to assist
  • Proven systems customized for each individual client
  • Unique relationship-first approach
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