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Looking for the best place for Cincinnati IT careers? Come play the Great Game of Business with us and enjoy a culture of transparency, engagement and distributed leadership. This is a place where your Cincinnati IT career can take off.

Why We Play the Great Game of Business

Central to how Intrust operates are open and transparent financials. That means that Intrust shares all the financial information about the company with all the employees. Intrust employees also receive financial literacy training so that everyone knows what the numbers mean. I
t's called the Great Game of Business because there are rules to follow, we keep score and everyone has a stake in the outcome.

Being trusted with important financial information means that everyone at Intrust feels valued and integral to our company. This feeling carries over to longer employee retention and the ability to hire the best people.
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Our Core Values in Action

As one of the leading IT companies in Cincinnati, Intrust operates on three core values. We look for new team members who also hold these values:


We empathize with our fellow team members and our clients, always considering the other person's situation.


This is different than innovation. Innovation is doing new things with unlimited resources. Ingenuity is figuring out a solution with the limited resources on hand.


Problems happen in life and they especially happen with technology.  Many times we can't control the situation, but we can control how we respond to it.  At Intrust, we look at problems as an opportunity to improve a situation and delight our clients.

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Distributed Leadership

At Intrust, we don't operate under the traditional command and control management structure.  Instead, employees are empowered to do what they need to fulfill the purpose of the roles they hold.  In addition, all employees have a say in how the company is structured - not just a few select executives.  That means leadership and responsibility are distributed among all the employees.


This type of structure is not for everyone.  You need to be able to make decisions, solve your own problems and be able to work closely with others as part of a team. For Cincinnati IT careers, this is a place for people who like to be challenged and to grow continuously.  


When Our People Are Happy It Shows


Higher retention rates of our employees show in our high customer satisfaction ratings. That means you'll be working with clients who appreciate the skills you bring to the table. For your Cincinnati IT career, you will feel valued here both internally and by your clients.

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What's in it for you?


If you were to join the Intrust team, how would our culture benefit you?

Since our financials are completely open, you would know that the company is healthy and your job is secure. You would understand how your contributions to the company make it better and improve the finances of the company.  The better the company does, the better you would do because you would share in the profits that the company makes every quarter.


The transparent management structure of Intrust would allow you to know who's responsible for what in the company, and most importantly what you are responsible for. You would enjoy daily feedback from your peers and from clients on the great job you are doing. You would feel appreciated and feel like you are building a company you can take pride in AND have ownership in.


You would also find that going to work every day can be fun and something to look forward to.


This might all sound impossible and just something the marketing department wrote on the website, but we guarantee that this is all absolutely true. If you are hired at Intrust and determine in the first 30 days that anything you are told about the job isn't true and that it isn't the place for you, then we pay you a $1,000 bonus to quit.  That's right: $1,000 to just walk out the door. So if this sounds like the place you want to work, don't wait any longer.

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