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Your Journey, Our Commitment

You've built an IT empire with dedication, passion and relentless effort. As you stand at the crossroads of your business journey, Intrust IT is here to ensure your story continues to thrive. Founded in 1992, we've grown alongside the internet, and our story is intertwined with the digital age. But what truly sets us apart is our unique structure: We're proudly employee-owned.

Why Your Next Chapter Begins With Intrust IT

  1. Employee ownership at the core: Every member of our team is an owner, deeply invested in the success and growth of the businesses we embrace. This ensures that the company you've built with love and hard work is nurtured with the same level of commitment.
  2. Decades of excellence: Our roots trace back to 1992, making us witnesses and contributors to the IT evolution. Your legacy is safe with our pioneering team.
  3. M&A mastery: Our seasoned team has successfully navigated numerous transactions, including the impressive feat of three acquisitions in just one year. Your transition will be seamless and strategic.
  4. Financial assurance: With Intrust IT, you're guaranteed a competitive and fair valuation, securing your financial future.
  5. Industry pioneers: Beyond our acquisition expertise, we're leaders in IT support, ensuring the services you've provided continue to excel.

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The Intrust IT Promise

  • Client-centric legacy: Our 99 percent client satisfaction rating is a testament to our dedication. Your clients will continue to receive unparalleled service.
  • Strategic vision for growth: As you hand over the reins, know that your business is set on a path of innovative growth and expansion.

Why We Play the Great Game of Business

Central to how Intrust operates are open and transparent financials. That means that Intrust shares all the financial information about the company with all the employees. Intrust employees also receive financial literacy training so that everyone knows what the numbers mean. I
t's called the Great Game of Business because there are rules to follow, we keep score and everyone has a stake in the outcome.

Being trusted with important financial information means that everyone at Intrust feels valued and integral to our company. This feeling carries over to longer employee retention and the ability to hire the best people.
If you want to play for our team, check out our openings.

Our Core Values in Action

As one of the leading IT companies in , Intrust operates on four core values. We look for new team members who also hold these values.

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We empathize with our clients because we are a small business just like them and have similar issues to overcome. We empathize with the users we help because we know that not everyone can know everything and must ask others for assistance to be successful. Furthermore, we empathize with our co-workers to foster a supportive work environment.

Continuous Improvement

We work hard to improve on the services we provide, the technology that we utilize, and the relationships we hold that help guarantee the success of our clients, our company, and our colleagues. Whether it be small, incremental changes, or drastic breakthroughs, we will continue to move the needle forward.


We purposefully nurture our positive emotions. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down, but we work through the downs to get back up. We strive to not be cynical, but instead create a positive internal narrative that gives others the benefit of the doubt. We don’t ignore the reality that sometimes things go wrong and we need to plan for the worst, but we are always hoping for the best. By fostering a positive work environment, our interactions with our colleagues and clients will be delightful.


We believe that employee ownership benefits the company, our clients, our employees, and our community, by giving everyone a stake in the outcome. In our daily work, we take ownership of our work and issues that arise. We seek to see things through to completion.

When Our People Are Happy It Shows

Higher retention rates of our employees show in our high customer satisfaction ratings. That means you'll be working with clients who appreciate the skills you bring to the table. For your IT career, you will feel valued here both internally and by your clients.

Do You Want to Make a Difference?

At Intrust, we strive to build a better future for communities around the world as we give back. As a business, we’ve joined other early-stage companies to give back in the Pledge 1% movement, globally recognized as one of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies and #1 Nonprofit. A partnership with us means you're helping to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Learn more about our commitment to Pledge 1% here.


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Your Legacy, Our Future


You've penned a remarkable story with your IT business. Let's co-author its next chapter. With Intrust IT, your legacy will flourish and your clients will continue to thrive. Secure your legacy, ensure continuity and take the next step with confidence.

Connect with us today and let's envision a future where your legacy meets our commitment.

Your story deserves to be continued with the same passion with which it began. At Intrust IT, we're not just taking over a business; we're inheriting a legacy. Let's make your next chapter legendary.

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