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IT for any business, large or small, is mind-boggling, especially with the variety and frequency of threats on the internet. We know that most small businesses don’t know where or how to start so we’ve created a simple one-page checklist that will help you gather all the info you need before talking to potential managed service providers like Intrust.

It includes:

What do you want an IT company to do for your company?

Do you have a growth plan for the next 1-5 years?

Where and how often do you back up your data?

Has your company developed a disaster recovery plan?

And more!

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“Just one quick look at this checklist and I knew I could handle this task. It helped me know exactly what to ask potential MSPs before I made a single call. I’m actually looking forward to those calls which previously I had been dreading.”

--Harry Lankau

The Managed IT Checklist Covers

Your Goals

Do you plan to grow your business this year? What about next year and future years? The right IT provider can help.

Your Stats

An MSP will need to know the stats for your company in relation to computers or other internet devices that need to be protected and maintained.

Your Risk

Do you know what your current compliance needs are? Is your current cyber security as tight as it should be? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

Your Needs

How quickly do you need a response or resolution for IT issues? How much downtime can your company survive if breached?

Be prepared. Ask the right questions so that you can compare IT providers. You’ll feel secure that the knowledge you provide will give you a good base to determine which MSP is right for your company. This checklist is simple and easy to follow and will help you get on the same page quickly with the IT companies you consider.

Choose IT Support for Your Business with the Managed IT Checklist

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