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IT Office Moving Guide and Checklist: Technology Tips to Help You Love the Office Move

Do you know the 5 key things your IT office moving guide and checklist should include? Moving offices can be daunting, from the real estate process to planning, renovations and all the logistics.

One factor that often gets overlooked is office technology. An extremely important part of moving is the transition of network infrastructure and all that it encompasses. To make this as seamless as possible, involve your IT team (whether internal or outsourced) as early as possible.

This guide will help you understand the 5 key IT office move areas:

Internet connectivity and possible pitfalls

Planning for phone services

Physical office space considerations for tech infrastructure

Network equipment needs

Scheduling and planning

Follow this free guide to simplify your IT office move.

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IT Office Moving Guide, Office Relocation Guide

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“5-minute read! Hours of time savings from early planning! This guide helped us understand all the steps to a successful IT office move from a technology standpoint. We avoided so many expensive mistakes because of this guide. Thank you for putting this IT office moving guide together.”

Guide Overview

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This guide was written by IT technology insiders but for non-tech people.

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From internet connectivity to scheduling, this guide put the steps in order.

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Minimize downtime and headaches with pre-planning based on this guide.

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