November 1, 2019: Discover the Great Game of Business in Orlando, Florida

Trying to understand how to get all your employees engaged and thinking like an owner? Working for a company that you wish you had a better understanding of where all of your hard work and the profits are going? Do you even have a clue as to what critical numbers you and your team are striving for? Come hear Chad Adams, VP of operations at Intrust, discuss how the Great Game of Business can drive employee engagement. Adams will speak at IT Nation Connect, an annual conference held this year in Orlando Oct. 30 through Nov. 1. On Friday, Nov. 1 at 4:15, Adams’ session will cover the rules of “the Game,” critical numbers and scoring. Through the Great Game of Business, people become more engaged, more informed and can make better and faster decisions.

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Does the Great Game of Business Really Work?

By following the Great Game of Business (GGOB), Intrust IT became debt-free ahead of schedule, and an ESOP transition began in 2018; we are employee-owned as of 2019.

As part of GGOB, we are continuing to develop the financial literacy of our team to help them continue to prosper as owners. As a managed service provider, our understanding our our financials helps us serve our customers even better.

We maintain open books through the GGOB style so our employees can follow the flow of money through the company. The culture at Intrust rests on the camaraderie bolstered by GGOB. Every employee has budget line items to oversee, and the budget discussions during our Tuesday huddles are spirited and in-depth.

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