Chad Adams, VP of Operations

If you watch Chad Adams during a morning “huddle” at the Intrust office, you won’t be surprised to learn that he officiates college football games in his off time. As one of our IT consulting leads and head of smooth operations, Chad is the guy who makes sure we are on our game. On an average day at the office, we might be running in 11 different directions; Chad is the man on the field who brings structure and sanity. That way, we don’t all hurt each other.

And while football officials are the men we love to hate, Chad is the guy we love to love. A IT consulting pro, he knows how to bring everyone together as a team, and he takes that role seriously. Having worked his way up through multiple positions at Intrust, Chad has legitimate empathy for his coworkers and the challenges they face. One of the most rewarding things to him about his job in IT services is seeing his coworkers do something remarkable and get recognized for it. When Chad sees someone from the Intrust team successfully do his job, he makes the sign for the crowd to go wild. Maybe it’s not a whole stadium of fans, but Chad makes sure we get a little love and appreciation now and then to keep the team spirit alive.

No rookie to the IT field himself, Chad came to Intrust with 10 years of experience as an IT manager, some of that time spent calling the plays for a multi-million dollar construction company. With that kind of experience, Chad is valuable to our clients as a guy who “calls ‘em as he sees ‘em”—whether it is the best technological solution for a client’s business needs or what is economically in the client’s interest: these are the hard calls that Chad can be trusted to make.

And does any of this IT outsourcing work stress him out? Hardly. This is a guy who has four (FOUR!) daughters to toughen him up. Working at Intrust is like Sunday touch football in the park. Easy-peasy. Here's Chad Adams full bio on LinkedIn

Chad Adams | Intrust IT Support Cincinnati