Is Your Municipality Prepared for the Worst?

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Cybercrime costs organizations billions each year, and cybercriminals are increasingly targeting municipalities and other organizations with weak cyber security practices.

Are you next on their list?

Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Template for Municipalities is packed with practical guidance and actionable steps, including:

  • What a business continuity plan is.
  • The simplest version of a BCP.
  • A high-level summary of everything covered in a BCP.
  • Implementation guidance.
  • An actionable checklist.

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You Can’t Put Off Having a Business Continuity Plan:


of cyber insurance claims impact SMEs.


of organizations don’t have the skills in-house to prevent cybercrime.


The median amount of a ransomware demand in 2023.

Why Having a Business Continuity Plan Template Download for Your Municipality Matters

Can you confidently say your local government is well-equipped to weather any storm and come back stronger? In the face of cyberattacks and natural disasters, having a solid business continuity plan is a necessity for municipalities just like yours. 

A well-crafted business continuity plan provides a structured framework to guide municipalities in preparing for and responding to various disruptions effectively. 

It enables municipalities to identify and assess potential risks, ensuring they are adequately prepared to manage them. By outlining strategies for maintaining essential functions and detailed recovery plans, the template ensures local governments can continue serving their communities even during challenging times. 

Download our template today and take the first step towards ensuring the resilience and continuity of your municipality.

Download Intrust’s Business Continuity Plan Template for Municipalities to ensure your organization is prepared for the worst. This template will help you identify best practices for crafting your own BCP and outline actionable steps you can take.

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