Feb 5, 2020: Cyber Security Bootcamp for Manufacturers

Cyber Security Training for Manufacturers

Don't Miss This Cyber Security Bootcamp by TechSolve

We understand that cyber security is a daunting task and many manufacturers are unsure how to prioritize their efforts or even begin. This Bootcamp will kick start your organization’s cyber security program by providing participants with tangible resources and action items that prioritize efforts based on your business priorities. Designed for the Owners/Executives, HR/Policy Managers and Office Managers of Manufacturers located in Ohio, this Bootcamp aims to help you walk away knowing how to develop and manage a cyber security-related risk program.

Tailored break-out sessions will include interactive discussions, useful tools, and actionable takeaways that will equip you with skills in risk mitigation and insights to help your organization move towards a strong cyber security program.

Dave Hatter and Tim Rettig from Intrust IT will be presenting two of the sessions in this  bootcamp. Don't miss your chance to dive in deep with these cyber security sessions.

Free for Manufacturers: Register today for this session.

Do you lose sleep worrying if your vital business information is safeguarded against hackers, viruses and malware? Are you haunted by the idea that criminals could be snooping around your network remotely? Let Intrust IT’s cyber security services give you peace of mind.

With ironclad cyber security provided by Intrust IT, your company is protected from external and internal threats. We offer multi-layer, 360-degree cyber protection services, combined with cyber security awareness training for all your employees.

Our ongoing user phish-testing helps ensure that your company is protected from all emerging threats. (It’s like a fire-drill for grownups.) By letting us worry about cyber security, you can focus on other priorities.

Book an appointment today to discover complete and dependable security solutions to shield your business from any and all threats.


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