Greater Cincinnati ISACA Chapter Meeting – April 4th, 2023

Security vs Compliance: Striking the Right Balance

The terms Security and Compliance are often used interchangeably and they are two related but distinct concepts. You can be secure without being compliant or you can be compliant without really being secure. While security and compliance share similar goals of protecting an organization’s assets, they differ in approach, scope, and implementation. Effective cybersecurity requires a balance between security and compliance to defend against threats while meeting regulatory requirements. In most cases, the best cybersecurity posture and return on investment is achieved when your organization is compliant AND secure.

This seminar will provide attendees a comprehensive understanding of the differences between security and compliance, the issues that may rise when attempting to balance both and some best practices for achieving both security and compliance. Attendees will gain a solid foundation for improving their organization’s security and compliance posture.


  • Defining Security and Compliance
  • Understanding Security
  • Understanding Compliance
  • Compliance Standards and Regulations
  • Security Strategies
  • Developing a Comprehensive Security Program
  • Q&A
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