Managed IT Support and Cyber Security

Intrust IT is a IT support and cyber security partner that gets you and gets back to you. As a locally owned and employee-owned small business, we empathize with business owners, use our ingenuity to solve problems and deliver service that makes (and keeps) our clients happy.

We see you wearing all those hats at work

You’re busy putting out tech fires while your to-do list just gets longer and longer. Expensive IT issues are multiplying like rabbits. At this point, IT is a giant time-suck that’s busting your budget and obliterating your sense of humor. It can be difficult for any one person to keep up with IT today. We get it.

Here’s what you get when you partner with us:

Talk to the owner every time you call. (We’re employee-owned and invested in your success.)

Over 99% customer satisfaction rate for over three years.

No long-term contracts (cancel anytime with 30 days notice).

24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) that monitors, detects, analyzes and responds to security incidents around the clock.

Managed IT Services With No Wild Guesses

You know technology is critical to your company’s success, and you’re willing to invest in IT as needed. What you hate is being blindsided by budget-busting upgrades, purchases and repairs. The Intrust IT CompleteCare package gives you peace of mind.

A flat-rate monthly service plan from Intrust IT provides your company with budget consistency and predictable monthly costs for your IT management and IT support.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are simply defined as an agreement we hold with our clients to perform a set of IT tasks at a set monthly rate.

This includes: providing security and software updates for your PCs, servers and networks, providing help desk support for your employees, delivering IT education and providing strategic IT planning.

With our flat-rate monthly plan, you can put your focus back into your business instead of worrying about your technology.

With managed services from Intrust IT, you can:

Become more productive with IT support that keeps your business up and running.

Focus on your business while your technology is carefully monitored by our team of experts.

Expect predictable costs with a fixed monthly rate that covers everything you need.

Protect your business: We shield your data and network from outside threats.

Improve Your Cyber Security Posture With Our Security Operations Center (SOC)

Want to protect your assets? A 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) provides a team of experts dedicated to monitoring, detecting, analyzing and responding to security incidents around the clock. 

Our SOC offers a range of important benefits for organizations looking to enhance their security posture, reduce their risk and have more peace of mind. 

Key benefits of our SOC include:

Advanced software. This includes industry-leading SentinelOne Singularity XDR Complete antivirus/endpoint protection, with custom enhancements based on our years of MSP experience and expertise using SentinelOne to compensate for any security control deficiencies. We monitor your systems nonstop and respond quickly to alerts to contain active threats and fine-tune the platform to reduce false positives and distractions.

Lifecycle management. Our team covers the entire incident lifecycle, from detection to post-incident evaluation, to ensure prompt and successful remediation and hardening. Lessons learned are documented and used to further harden your environment, reducing the likelihood of future incidents

Continuous monitoring. The early detection of potential threats minimizes the impact of a security breach.

Expertise. Our SOC is staffed by highly skilled and certified security professionals with the expertise to quickly identify and respond to complex security threats.

Cost savings. Partnering with Intrust’s SOC team can result in significant cost savings by reducing the need for specialized security personnel or infrastructure, and may also help you lower your cyber insurance premiums.

Compliance. We can help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as NIST CSF, NIST 800-171, CMMC and the CIS Critical Controls, reducing the risk of fines and providing peace of mind that your organization is adhering to industry best practices.

Rapid response. In the event of a security incident, our SOC team provides rapid response and remediation to minimize downtime and reduce the impact on your operations.

Compare IT Service Packages: Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

For mid-sized businesses that have a more robust user base and clientele, we recommend our CompleteCare service package.

CompleteCare follows a shared responsibility model with proactive managed IT services for organizations with 10 to 100 computer users and no internal IT team. It includes strategic business reviews, 24x7x365 security operations center (SOC) cybersecurity protection, and unlimited support to ensure a stable and secure IT environment.
Packages start at $1,500/month.

Take tech off your plate when you select and customize our CompleteCare Package.

Basic Care

If you’re a small business owner and are looking for IT support, look no further.

Our BasicCare optimized reactive service model is best for organizations with less than 20 computer users, no servers, and handles most of their support needs in-house. It includes a subset of our IT management and security software to patch and protect your endpoints, while being monitored by our 24/7/365 security operations center.

Packages start at $350/month.

Get just the right amount of support for your growing company with our BasicCare package. Let's Talk.

The Return on Investment (ROI)

A proactive, strategic IT support plan can bring indispensable value to your company. The knowledge, experience and ability of a seasoned IT team can provide the backbone for accelerating your business growth. With Intrust IT as your small business IT support service team, you can feel confident we've got you covered.

Members of our team are always available as a resource because everyone who assists you is a full-time employee of Intrust, not a temporary contractor.

We’ve been providing IT services since 1992. With in-depth knowledge from years of experience, we design and implement systems to move you forward.

Small Business IT Support services from Intrust IT provide:

Purchasing assistance: Our expert consultants pinpoint any faults in your current IT infrastructure and help you discover affordable solutions for your individual business.

Technical support: Our EnterpriseCare includes on-demand remote and onsite help desk support. You can rest assured you have help when you need it, where you need it.

Cyber security: The cyber security of your company is always at the top of our minds. We build security into our solutions as a core component; not an afterthought.

Patch management: To keep your software secure and functional, our teams analyze and scan your existing programs to be sure any necessary updates or patches are made. We’re proactive, so your systems keep running smoothly.

Tap Into the Strength of Small Business IT Support Services

Your current IT investment should help your company achieve the vision you have for it. With EnterpriseCare from Intrust, we support your staff, so your IT drives the business forward instead of holding it back.

With an EnterpriseCare plan, you can count on Intrust to help you achieve your goals while maintaining your organization’s technology and cyber security. Strategic IT outsourcing can help you balance the cost of your technology and the benefits to your business. Contact us or book a meeting to learn more.

Complete Care

For mid-sized businesses that have a more robust user base and clientele, we recommend our CompleteCare service package.

CompleteCare follows a shared responsibility model with proactive managed IT services for organizations with 10-100 computer users and no internal IT team. Includes strategic business reviews, 24/7/365 cybersecurity protection, and unlimited support to ensure a stable and secure IT environment.

Packages start at $1,500/month.

Take tech off your plate when you select and customize our CompleteCare Package. Let's Talk.

Enterprise Care

If your company is large and well-established with an internal IT team, our EnterpriseCare service package can boost your workplace productivity and results.

EnterpriseCare is a monthly retainer service model intended for organizations with over 100+ computer users who have at least one dedicated IT person on staff. We complement your IT team with our technical knowledge and dedicated resources to handle ongoing defined tasks and/or projects. All of our support tools including our 24/7/365 cybersecurity protection can be deployed if desired.

Packages start at $2,500/month.

Get award-winning IT support when you select and customize our EnterpriseCare Package. Let's Talk.

Cyber Security in

We’re tough on cyber crime: We find and fix your company’s vulnerabilities. We understand that cyber threats are intimidating and seem to be everywhere.

We believe your cyber security plan should give you complete confidence. Fully protecting your company’s data, assets and people from cyber crime is our goal.

Custom cyber security solutions from Intrust IT include:

Threat detection: Protect yourself from hackers and online predators.

Liability assessment: Our experts find weak spots in your network and fix them accordingly.

Anti-virus strategies: Protect your company from viruses, spyware and malware.

User education: Your users are your biggest security vulnerability. We train them and test them to be “human firewalls” to protect your company.

Cyber Criminals Are Not Welcome Here

Do you lose sleep worrying if your vital business information is safeguarded against hackers, viruses and malware? Are you haunted by the idea that criminals could be snooping around your network remotely? Let Intrust IT’s cyber services give you peace of mind.

We are proud that our cyber security consultant Dave Hatter has earned several security related certifications including ISC2’s Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) CISSP Certified and Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) as well as CompTIA’s Security+ and Network+.

The CISSP certification is considered by many to be the world's premier cybersecurity certification, and earning these certifications demonstrates that the recipient has what it takes to effectively design, implement and manage a best-in-class cyber security program. Contact us or book a meeting to learn more.

Get Protected Now

The internet is part of every company's daily business processes, which means you're already vulnerable to numerous online threats. Time is of the essence: Defend all you've worked for today with our 24/7 monitoring and $1 million guaranteed ransomware protection.

Read Our Latest Intrust-imonials


“Intrust provides the most peace of mind I’ve had in terms of security and redundancy.”
— Tyler W., processing facility operations manager


“Intrust IT is great to work with. They respond to tickets when you put them in, with great response time. I know what to do when trouble comes up.”
— Linda S., service firm IT manager


“Intrust IT is a trusted advisor for us; a partner I don’t have to manage. They’re reliable self-starters.”
— Kelli C., manufacturing company IT director

Cloud Services and Custom IT Projects

Finding it hard to move complex systems to the cloud while maintaining your day-to-day responsibilities? Our cloud services and IT projects can help you achieve your vision through custom technology projects.

We understand being held back by technology limitations can be frustrating. All companies need help sometimes, but just hiring a consultant can leave a company with a plan and no results. At Intrust IT, we treat your project as one of our own from start to finish. You can count on our cloud services and IT projects group to help you move faster. Contact us or book a meeting to learn more.

With IT consulting from Intrust IT you get:

IT analysis: Our expert consultants pinpoint the faults in your current IT infrastructure in order to design an affordable solution for your individual business.

A balanced approach: Using our comprehensive experience with both on-premises and cloud solutions, we make sure that we leverage the right cloud technologies to give your company the best return on investment (ROI) and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), while keeping privacy and scalability in mind.

Installation and complete project implementation: With strategic vendor partnerships and in-depth knowledge from years of experience, we design and implement systems to move you forward. We also execute these IT projects in a turnkey manner onsite or remotely.

Cyber security: We always hold the cyber security of your company as a top priority, so we build security into our solutions as a core component and not an afterthought.

When Your Needs Go Beyond Just Consulting

When a business is ready to move forward, technology can be a help or a hindrance. Maybe your vision of growth is to add more locations, improve a customer service system, move to the cloud or upgrade legacy systems.

Whatever you want to achieve, we offer turnkey projects and cloud services that get the job done. When you consult with Intrust, we provide a customized plan and pricing, then get to work on implementation.

Cloud Services and Custom IT Projects

Our deep expertise coupled with decades of experience delivers complete and dependable security solutions to shield your business from any and all threats. Our cyber security solutions eliminate stress and worry for hundreds of organizations across the .

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