Why You Need 24/7 Endpoint Monitoring

Criminals are working around the clock. Your security  monitoring should, too. Cyber attacks most commonly take place during hours of the day when systems are not always being monitored: holidays, weekends and overnight. That’s why it’s important to have 24/7 endpoint monitoring so that you’re covered, from your networks and servers all the way down to your workstations.

Many organizations are in the cloud and have become completely remote, with employees working outside of the office. With so many Wi-Fi connections to networks from all over the world, endpoints are open and more vulnerable to attack. Without the guarantee of a safe space or network free from cyber crime, this makes security more complicated for businesses with remote employees. So what is the resolution?

Endpoint Monitoring Benefits

Endpoint security is a mechanism for preventing threat actors and campaigns from accessing endpoints or entry points of end-user devices including PCs, laptops and smartphones. Endpoint security solutions, whether on a network or in the cloud, protect against cyber threats.

You need IT support that provides around-the-clock care for the safety and security of your business. For the health of your business, 24/7 endpoint monitoring and data security provide the following benefits:

  • Vulnerability detection on individual devices.
  • Isolation from other devices to prevent spread of attack.
  • Proactive web security to ensure safe browsing.
  • Malware correction across multiple endpoints and operating systems.
  • Safe and efficient remote work environments.
  • And more.

The old approach of protecting the business perimeter is no longer sustainable when employees access corporate systems via numerous devices and from diverse networks and locations. Endpoint security guarantees that employees’ devices are secure, allowing them to operate safely regardless of how or where they connect to corporate information and services.

Safeguard Against Attacks

Hackers are employing more complex attack strategies, such as devising new ways to get access to corporate networks, steal data and force people into disclosing important information. From initial infection to complete encryption, security researchers have determined that it takes less than four hours for cyber criminals to steal all possible data from organizations. And it all begins with a single phishing email.

A recent security article reports that ransomware attacks are happening so rapidly, it leaves very little time for defenders to react and many are left having to pay a ransom ranging from $150,000 to upwards of several million dollars.

Endpoint-to-endpoint security is essential for preventing cyber thieves from obtaining access to your networks. Protect your business from malicious attacks and also save valuable time and money with 24/7 endpoint monitoring.

Intrust IT Provides 24/7 Endpoint Monitoring

A lack of IT support may already be costing you a great deal. Without the proper IT support services, you could be facing security problems that leave your data vulnerable to cyber crime. Get peace of mind and let us defend your business with multiple levels of cyber security to avert attacks and protect against ransomware. Given this level of security, we’re able to offer clients our Million Dollar Cyber Guarantee.

Contact us, Cincinnati’s go-to cyber security and IT services company, to begin 24/7 endpoint monitoring for your business today. 

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