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Cyber Security

Are You Underestimating the Cost of a Data Breach?

cost of a data breach

  Small and medium-sized businesses are often under the misconception that they are “too small” or they don’t have anything valuable enough to make them be a target for cyber crime. They sometimes also feel that if a data breach were to occur, it would have a minor impact on the health of their business.…

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Top 3 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

3 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Remember when you used to buy CDs or even record albums so you could listen to all your favorite songs or bands? Now you can listen to all that music with a subscription service like Spotify or Pandora. Understanding the top reasons to move to the cloud include a similar shift in mindset.  In a…

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Replacing Windows 7: The Time Is Now

Windows 7 has been the business standard for a decade, but starting in mid-January, it will no longer be king of the tech hill.   As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop providing technical support, software updates, security updates or fixes for Windows 7. Beyond Windows 7 At Intrust, we’re advising our clients to…

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Intrust Expert Discusses the Latest in DevSecOps

Companies that develop software but don’t bake security in during development do so at their own peril, says Intrust’s Dave Hatter in a recent TechTarget article. Moving from DevOps to DevSecOps is going to require fundamental shifts in both thinking and operations. Some finesse is required to help developers and security practitioners work well together, Hatter…

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Perfect Storm Cyber Security Breach: A Phishing Tale for All Business Owners

What do you do when almost a half million dollars disappears from your company’s 401k holdings? Panic? Call your attorney? Call your insurance company? Sadly, one local manufacturing company recently had to answer this terrifying question with a cyber security breach. We got the call from a mid-sized manufacturing client: Funds were missing from their…

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Recycling Computers in Cincinnati

Recycling Computers in Cincinnati does not have to be a worry. Sometimes when I visit clients,  I come across a room full of dinosaurs. Not actual prehistoric animals, of course, but I do find plenty of obsolete computers, cell phones and other defunct electronic hardware. In some cases, companies hang on to this equipment for…

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How Often Should Small Business Cyber Security Be Checked?

Cyber Security for Small Business 2019

How often should small business cyber security be checked?   At a minimum, most small businesses should be checking it annually.  If your company has compliance requirements, it should be checked quarterly or even more frequently.  If your infrastructure or software changes frequently, is complicated, or if you are a popular target for an attack, like…

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IT and Cyber Security Terms Defined for 2019

IT and Cyber Security Terms for 2019

When you are dealing with IT service issues, jargon can be intimidating. Here are some basic IT and cyber security terms and concepts to help you move on and not be surprised the next time something happens. Malware: For a long time, the phrase “computer virus” was misappropriated as a term to define every type…

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Three Reasons Why Intrust Still Recommends Password Vaults

Best Password Vault Recommendations

In 2015, LastPass announced that its online systems had been compromised and cyber criminals were able to access certain user information. For password vaults, this is big news because LastPass is a very popular vault that many people use to store all of their passwords. LastPass is one of the four solutions that we at…

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Cincinnati Managed Services in Blue Ash, Ohio

Our Cincinnati managed services company is centrally located in Blue Ash, Ohio. We’ve transformed our Blue Ash building into a happy home for Intrust. It’s where our customer service magic is nurtured, and then it spreads to all our clients.  Why Cincinnati Managed Services in Blue Ash? Blue Ash is a diverse and beautiful area…

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