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Keep Safe with Cyber Security Month

Own it. Secure it. Protect it. That’s the theme of this year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Through this initiative, the government is working with industry to raise awareness about the importance of cyber security and to make sure that Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online. Personal…

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Your Money or Your (Company’s) Life? Avoiding Ransomware

Ransomware is a growing billion-dollar business and hackers have launched high-profile ransomware attacks against nearly every industry from healthcare to higher education to financial services, often with large ransoms and huge restoration costs. Even cities aren’t immune: Baltimore estimates cost of a crippling ransomware attack at $18.2 million. Yes, you read that right, $18.2 million!…

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Press Release: Intrust IT Named an All-Star Champion

Cincinnati IT Company Crowned Champion in International Competition for Open Book Management   Intrust IT earns an All-Star Champion Award from the Great Game of Business   CINCINNATI, OH. (September 30, 2019) — A deep dive into open book management practices has earned Intrust IT an All-Star Champion award from the Great Game of Business…

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Protect Your Business with a Disaster Recovery Plan

Several years ago, a hurricane rolled through the Cincinnati area, leaving one of our current clients without power to its building for several weeks. Day after day the company was unable to process income, but still had to keep writing checks to vendors. The company was helpless until power was restored.   Then we heard…

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Congratulations to the Goering Center Business Awards Finalists

Goering Center Award Winners 2019

Intrust IT Congratulates the 2019 Goering Center Private and Family Business Awards Semi-Finalists and Winners Earlier this month, Intrust IT was proud to attend the Goering Center 2019 Private and Family Business Awards Presentation at JACK Casino. For Cincinnati businesses, the Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards is a region-wide event to highlight the…

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Recycling Computers in Cincinnati

Recycling Computers in Cincinnati does not have to be a worry. Sometimes when I visit clients,  I come across a room full of dinosaurs. Not actual prehistoric animals, of course, but I do find plenty of obsolete computers, cell phones and other defunct electronic hardware. In some cases, companies hang on to this equipment for…

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How Often Should Small Business Cyber Security Be Checked?

Cyber Security for Small Business 2019

How often should small business cyber security be checked?   At a minimum, most small businesses should be checking it annually.  If your company has compliance requirements, it should be checked quarterly or even more frequently.  If your infrastructure or software changes frequently, is complicated, or if you are a popular target for an attack, like…

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IT and Cyber Security Terms Defined for 2019

IT and Cyber Security Terms for 2019

When you are dealing with IT service issues, jargon can be intimidating. Here are some basic IT and cyber security terms and concepts to help you move on and not be surprised the next time something happens. Malware: For a long time, the phrase “computer virus” was misappropriated as a term to define every type…

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Comparing Business Plans for Office 365 for Your Small Business

It can be difficult to compare business plans for Office 365 for any business. Office 365 helps businesses manage data, share files and improve team collaboration. With the different Office 365 plans available on the market, how can you make sure that your small business will get its money’s worth? Here are some compare business…

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